Welcome to the E-SPIR Supplier web page.

Please read these instructions before downloading and installing the program.


Installation on the PC.

After clicking on the E-SPIR 2000 Supplier Program Download button instructions will pop up, whereby you will be requested to select a temporary directory for downloading the program.  After the download is completed, you will have to search for this temporary file. Go to Explorer, Tools and Find, select Files or Folders. Type: Supplier_Final.exe and click on Search Now.  After the search has been done, double click on Supplier_Final.exe. The system will set up a directory: C:\Program Files\E-SPIR Supplier 2000 V700, where the program will be installed.

After installation copy the folder DataSupplierSPIRs from the E-SPIR 2000 Supplier V700 directory to either: Apps, My Documents, or Server (see network environment below).

How to start working?

Go to your "Start" button and select Supplier, or go to Program Files > E-SPIR 2000 Supplier V700 and double click on E_SPIR_S_700.exe.
The program will start, go to Menu bar, select File. A selection box appears to locate the database.  Search for the copied the folder DataSupplierSPIRs in Apps, My Documents, or the Server, open DataSupplierSPIRs and double click on E_SPIR_S.mdb.
Now you have opened the database. From now on the program will remember the location of the database.
One Specimen SPIR is presented. To create your own SPIR please first print the Supplier Guide from the Website.

Network environment

The E-SPIR 2000 program can also be used as a multi-user application on a PC network. The Set-up procedure in a network should be as follows:
Install the E-SPIR 2000 program on each individual PC from where E-SPIR should be used. Then, copy the folder DataSupplierSPIRs of one of the PC’s from the C:\Program files\E-SPIR 2000 Supplier V700 to a directory on the server. All users must have read and write access to that directory. All PC's should be set to that specific database file.



When starting up this version the Units of Measure:

BOX, DRM, PC, ROL and TON will be replaced in all tables to BX, DR, EA, RO, TNE.)

The currencies ATS, BEF, DEM, ESP, FIM, FRF, GRD, IEP, ITL, LUF, NLG, PTE will be converted to EUR, whereby the exchange rates as available in the previous program will be used for this conversion.

The currencies ZRN, ARP, BLG, BRR, YUN, CSK, MXP, PLZ, ROL and RUR will be replaced by the new ISO codes of these currencies.)

Convert data from previous versions to version 7.0.0 in the Supplier program.

From previous version 4.0.0 the database can be safely converted. Versions 1, 2 and 3 cannot be guaranteed any more.

Download the program as stated above under New E-SPIR 2000 USERS.

To prevent loss of data previously entered in the system, always rename your existing E_SPIR_S.mdb file.  Copy that E_SPIR_S_renamed.mdb file from the old E-SPIR 2000 data folder to the latest copied DataSupplierSPIRs folder in Apps, My Documents, or Server.

When you start up the program by double clicking on E_SPIR_A_700.exe, it will request you to enter Company details. Ignore this message and close the screen. Go to the Menu option/File and link the program to the E_SPIR_S_renamed.mdb file in the copied E-SPIR 2000 data folder in Apps, My Documents, or Server.
The program will automatically convert the data to the latest version.

If your V6 program works fine after installation and extensive testing, we recommend removing the previous E-SPIR 2000 V4 or V5 directory after 1 or 2 weeks.