Welcome to the E-SPIR Supplier web site

This web site has been prepared for suppliers of equipment to Shell and her business partners and other companies that use the E-SPIR software for Spare Parts Information Management.

From here equipment suppliers can download the E-SPIR Supplier software, which enables them to prepare the SPIRs that shall be delivered as part of equipment purchase order fulfillment.

A SPIR is a 'Spare Part Information Record'. It contains information about all equipment spare parts and supplies, which are relevant for sustained safe, reliable and efficient operations. The owner/operator of the equipment will use that information a.o. in as-built document repositories, in materials lists for maintenance jobs, to determine spare part stocking levels, and for spare part procurement specifications.

On July 15th  2015, Shell have released the version 8.32 of the E-SPIR software. This version has been built to run on Microsoft Windows7/8 computers, and is compatible with Office 2007 – 2013. Upon first connection to your existing, older E-SPIR database, the application will prompt you to confirm upgrade of your data to become compatible with this latest version. Further details can be found in the ‘Download-v8.32’ section of this site.

Suppliers that do not wish to upgrade the software version mid-project still can download the previous version 7 of E-SPIR supplier from here. Older versions 1.x – 6.x of the ESPIR software are no longer supported. For new engagements it will be required to use the latest version.

User queries can be directed to our E-SPIR helpdesk as listed on the ‘Contact’ section of this site.