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+lasticon Aubert Corrosion resistant composite solutions France Detail
2H Energy Diesel Generators France Detail
3Com Asia Pacific Rim Networking equipment USA Detail
3L Filters Ltd Liquid filtration housings Canada Detail
3Z Corporation Plug valves Korea Detail
Aalborg Engineering A/S Industrial Package Boilers Denmark Detail
Abahsain Cope S.A. Ltd. Cable Trays Manufactures Saudi Arabia Detail
ABB Instrumentation Taiwan Detail
ABB Automation products China Detail
ABB Hoval FT-NIR Analzyer Canada Detail
ABB Analytical Analysers United Kingdom Detail
ABB AS Safety, automation and communication systems Sweden Detail
ABB AS Switchboards, Automation, Telecommunication, Metering Norway Detail
ABB Australia Pty Ltd Transformers Australia Detail
ABB Automation Drives New Zealand Detail
ABB Automation Analyser and Systems United Kingdom Detail
ABB Automation Products, S.A. Swirlmeters Spain Detail
ABB b.v. M.V. Swithgear, Power technology Products, VSD, Instrumentation The Netherlands Detail
ABB Beijing Drive Systems Ltd Drives Products China Detail
ABB bv, Marine Systems & Service SWBD's/motors/drives/automation The Netherlands Detail
ABB Calor Emag MV-Switchboards Germany Detail
ABB Control Skien Distribution board Norway Detail
ABB Control Valves Control and Choke Valves United Kingdom Detail
ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd Online Analyser System Integration China Detail
ABB France LV Motors and Drives France Detail
ABB Industry Pte Ltd Analytical Instrument & Systems Singapore Detail
ABB Industry Pte Ltd Analytical Instrument & Systems USA Detail
ABB K.K. Inverter and Transformer Finland Detail
ABB KK VSD, Instrumentation, Motors Japan Detail
ABB Korea Rotameter, Switchgear Korea Detail
ABB LHT B.V. Heat Transfer Equipment, Fired Heaters The Netherlands Detail
ABB Ltd HVAC, Process analysers, Control & Instrumentation, Switchgear & Transformers United Kingdom Detail
ABB Malaysia Sdn Bhd Low Voltage Swicthegar/MCC Malaysia Detail
ABB Mexico S.A. de C.V. Electrical & Automation Products Mexico Detail
ABB Offshore Systems Ltd Subsea Control Systems United Kingdom Detail
ABB Offshore Systems, Inc. Oil & Gas - Subsea USA Detail
ABB Oy Industrial Transfomers Finland Detail
ABB Oy, Motors LV Motors Finland Detail
ABB Power Technologies Medium Voltage Switchgear Sweden Detail
ABB PT MV Switchgear, Transformers, Switchboards Italy Detail
ABB PTMV Medium Voltage Switchgear South Africa Detail
ABB PTP Limited Transformers Spain Detail
ABB Shanghai Transformer Co., Distribution Transformers China Detail
ABB Small Transformers Transformers USA Detail
ABB Spie Tableaux LV Switchboards France Detail
ABB Switzerland Ltd. - ATM Electrical Machines / Test Services Switzerland Detail
ABB Utilities GmbH Spare parts & service Germany Detail
ABB Vetco Gray Oil Service Company USA Detail
ABB Vetco Gray Subsea Equipment United Kingdom Detail
ABB Xiamen Low Voltage Com.LTD MNS & MCS China Detail
ABB Xiamen Switchgear Co., LTD Switchgear China Detail
Abdulaziz Al-Mulhem, Inc. Air compressor spare parts Saudi Arabia Detail
Abdulla Fouad Impalloy Ltd. Co All Cathodic Protection Products Saudi Arabia Detail
Abid Triding Geenral Traiding India Detail
Able Instruments & Controls Instrumentation United Kingdom Detail
Ace Electrics Automobile Spares UAE Detail
Aces Sdn Bhd John Crane Mechanical Seal Malaysia Detail
ACL Specialised Gaskets Sealing products / gaskets Australia Detail
Acor Inter Fire Fighting Equipment France Detail
Active Cathodic Protection AS Cathodic protection and el. antifouling Norway Detail
Actuator Control Systems Electro - Hydraulic Control Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Actuator Technology Company BV Actuators The Netherlands Detail
Adams Benelux Butterfly Valve Germany Detail
ADIP HVAC France Detail
Ados Vessels, Exchangers, Traps, Pig launchers UAE Detail
Advance Science Lab Industries Laboratory Furniture / Accessories China Detail
Advanced Technology Products Fire & Gas Detection, VESDA, NetSafety Australia Detail
Advanced Valve Solutions BV HP (Control) Valves, Sub sea Valves The Netherlands Detail
AEG Power Solutions Ltd AC UPS and DC Power Germany Detail
Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH Blowers, Compressors Germany Detail
Agar Corporation Interface Det., BS&W, WGMs & MPFMs USA Detail
Agar Corporation Inc Multiphase meter,watercut,interface USA Detail
Agar Corporation Inc Oil Water monitors USA Detail
Agar Corporation Sdn Bhd BS&W Analyzer USA Detail
Agilent Technologies Gas Chromatograph USA Detail
Aguilar Y Salas, S.A. Heat exchangers / Vessels / Columns Spain Detail
Ahlsell Norge AS Electrical wholesaler Norway Detail
Air Liquide / MEDAL LP Gas Separation Membranes and Systems USA Detail
Air Liquide Standard Plant Air Separation Plant France Detail
Air Products ASU Spares United Kingdom Detail
Air Products and Chemicals, In LNG MCHE USA Detail
Air Products PLC Hydrogen Recovery United Kingdom Detail
Airconditioning & Heating Intl HVAC France Detail
Airconditioning & Heating Intl HVAC Australia Detail
Airdyne International, Ltd. Compressed Air/N2 Systems USA Detail
Airfins Ltd Air Cooled Heat Exchangers United Kingdom Detail
Airoil Flaregas (I) Pvt. Ltd Combustion Equipments India Detail
Airpack Compressor Packages The Netherlands Detail
Air-Side Equipment Hull Ventilation Dampers USA Detail
Airtherm Sales (1998) Ltd Heating & Ventilation Canada Detail
Akay Industries B.V. All types of Centrifugal pumps The Netherlands Detail
Akay Industries Ltd Centrifugal Pumps India Detail
Aker Kvaerner Spare parts The Netherlands Detail
Aker Kvaerner Pusnes Offloading System Norway Detail
AKPC Petrochemical Iran Detail
Akzo Nobel MPP Systems Water purification systems The Netherlands Detail
Akzo Nobel MPP Systems bv Water treatment systems The Netherlands Detail
Al Bilad Fire Fighing Systems Fire Fighting Equipments and Systems Saudi Arabia Detail
Al Futtaim auto and machinery Compressor Parts UAE Detail
Al Futtaim Famco Ingersoll Rand Compressors UAE Detail
Al Hassan Electricals Co. LLC Hi-Tech Services and Supplies LLC. Oman Detail
Al Hassan Engineering company EPC contractor Oman Detail
Al Masaood Oil & Gas Fields Services Company UAE Detail
Al Masaood Bergum Living Quarter Accomodation UAE Detail
Al Raid Oil & Gas Technical Se Industrial Valves , Pipe fittings Oman Detail
Albany Pumps Rotary Gear, Screw & Centrif Pumps United Kingdom Detail
Alco Hi-Tek Ltd Double Block & Bleed valves United Kingdom Detail
Alcon Nigeria Ltd Construction Nigeria Detail
Alderley Systems Ltd. Oil & Gas Metering Systems United Kingdom Detail
Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers Japan Detail
Alfa Laval Heat Exchangers United Kingdom Detail
Alfa Laval (China) Ltd. Plate Heat Exchangers China Detail
Alfa Laval (HongKong) Ltd. Plate Heat Exchangers Hong Kong Detail
Alfa Laval Iberia Thermal and Separation Products Spain Detail
Alfa Laval Ltd Heat Exchangers Sweden Detail
Alfa Laval Nordic AS Heat Exchangers Norway Detail
Alfa Laval Packinox Heat Exchanger France Detail
Alfa Laval Tank Equipment AB Tank Cleaning Equipment Denmark Detail
Alfaquadri S.p.A L.W. Switchgears Italy Detail
Alifak Oil & Gas Iran Detail
Allards International Ltd. Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels United Kingdom Detail
Allbecon Ingenieurbüro GmbH Engineering / Plant Design Germany Detail
Allgaier Werke GmbH Process Technology Germany Detail
Allied Calibration Engineering John Crane Mechanical Seal Malaysia Detail
Allweiler 3-scew pumps Germany Detail
Allweiler AG, Bottrop Progressing Cavity Pumps Germany Detail
Allweiler Pumps Benelux pump spare parts Germany Detail
Almaged Group Workshop Equipments Yemen Detail
Alnour Electrical spare parts Egypt Detail
Alpha Trading Co., Ltd. Automatic Recirculation Valve Germany Detail
Alrim Steel Frame Algeria Detail
Alstom Electrical equipment France Detail
Alstom Generators France Detail
Alstom Nederland BV MV switchgear The Netherlands Detail
Alstom Power Ltd Energy Recovery Systems United Kingdom Detail
Alstom Power Sweden Gas Turbine Sweden Detail
Alstom Power UK Ltd Gas Turbines United Kingdom Detail
Alstom T&D EBT LV Switchgear France Detail
Alstom T&D Pte. Ltd. MV Switchgear & Transformers EU Detail
Altair Filter Technology Gas turbine filtration solutions United Kingdom Detail
Alteco N.V. Pressure vessels / Heat exchangers Belgium Detail
Altes LLG Oman Detail
Alwadi Co. For Import & Eng. T Steam Valves, Packings, Gaskets Importer Egypt Detail
Amafilter B.V. Filtration installations The Netherlands Detail
Amalgamated Metal Corp (M) Sdn Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Skids Malaysia Detail
AMB Process Equipment Malaysia Detail
Ambiton Safety Supply flash lights, working shoes,gas monitor USA Detail
AMEC Contracting Engineers United Kingdom Detail
AMEC Offshore Oil/Gas Asset Management United Kingdom Detail
American Bechtel Construction Equipment S/P USA Detail
Ametek Annunciators USA Detail
Ametek P.I. France Process Instruments USA Detail
Ametek Power Instruments Monitoring Equipment USA Detail
Ametek Process Instruments Process Analyzers USA Detail
Ametek/Panalarm Annunciators USA Detail
AMG-Pesch GmbH & Co. KG Actuators and Valves Germany Detail
AMKO Systems Inc. Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) Canada Detail
AMO Level Gauge France Detail
Amot Controls Control System Spares United Kingdom Detail
Amptron Instruments Pte Ltd Mimic Panel & Annunciator Panel Control Germany Detail
Amran Establishment LLC Process, Instrumentation, Pipe & OCTG Oman Detail
AMSGB Sdn. Bhd Transformers Germany Detail
Anatek Analyzers Taiwan Detail
Anatrol Limited Analytical Products and Services United Kingdom Detail
Andantex-Kinematic Ltd. Geared Motor Units Italy Detail
Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation and Instrumentation Valves United Kingdom Detail
Anderson Greenwood Crosby Safety Valves United Kingdom Detail
Anderson Greenwood Instrumenta Double Block & Bleed Valves United Kingdom Detail
Andreas Hofer Diaphragm Compressor Germany Detail
Andritz SAS Solid Liquid Separation France Detail
Aniruddha Ship Korea Detail
Anselm GmbH&Co.KG Wire mesh droplet separator Germany Detail
Ansul Incorporated Fire Protection USA Detail
Anzett as Chemical Injection Packages Norway Detail
Apex Global Engineering Sdn. B Chemical Injection Skids Malaysia Detail
Apex Process Systems Pty Ltd Deoiler Hydrocyclones, Desander Hydrocyc Australia Detail
Apk engineers ltd Analysers and systems United Kingdom Detail
Apk engineers ltd Analysers and systems USA Detail
Apparatenbouw Ootmarsum BV Pressure Vessels & Piping The Netherlands Detail
Appleton Marine, Inc. Stiff Boom Marine Crane USA Detail
APV Australia PHE, Pumps, Valves Australia Detail
APV New Zealand Ltd Triconex USA Detail
APV Products Plate Heat Exchangers Denmark Detail
Aqua EPC L.L.C. Water Treatment Solutions UAE Detail
Aquatech International Water Treatment USA Detail
Arabian Industries Static equipements for oil & gas Oman Detail
Arasco DCP Saudi Arabia Detail
ARB Instrumentation Design Engineering India Detail
Arcan Construction electrical materials Qatar Detail
Arcan Construction Electrical Materials Saudi Arabia Detail
Arcom SPA Vessels, Solid Additives Feed Hopper Italy Detail
Arcus Malaysia Sdn Bhd Stainless/Duplex Pipes, Flanges & Ftgs Malaysia Detail
Areva T&D Canada Inc HV switchgear Canada Detail
Areva T&D Enerji Endustrisi A.S. Power & Distribution Transformers Turkey Detail
Areva T&D PTE LTD Transmission & Distribution switchgears EU Detail
Areva T&D UK Ltd - Services Power Transformers Indonesia Detail
Armstrong Engineering Ass. Inc Heat Transfer Equipment USA Detail
Armstrong International Solution Source for steam, air and water Belgium Detail
Armtec Construction products Canada Detail
Arquitectura de Interiores, S. Decoracion Spain Detail
Arya Communications & Electron Telecommunication Trunking System India Detail
AS Petrotech Knowledge Sdn Bhd Wet Gas Metering Malaysia Detail
ASaP Gas analysers for process industry The Netherlands Detail
Asbar Petroleum Services Co Oil & Gas, Electrical & Instrumentation Kuwait Detail
Asco Filtri S.r.l. Filters and filters elements Italy Detail
Asco Pompe S.R.L. Pumps United Kingdom Detail
Asco Pompe SRL Positive Displacement/Centrifugal Pumps Italy Detail
Asco/Joucomatic BV. Valves & pneumatics The Netherlands Detail
Asea Brown Boveri Ltd Power distribution switchgear Korea Detail
Ashland Watertreatment The Netherlands Detail
Associated Valve Valves Canada Detail
Astava B.V. Valves, manifolds, enclosures & interlocking solutions The Netherlands Detail
ASTAVA BV Manfilds & Interlocking solutions The Netherlands Detail
Astra Refrigeranti spa Mechanical Italy Detail
ATB Acciaieria e Tubificio di Pressure vessels, reactors, hydropower Italy Detail
ATB Riva Ccalzoni S.p.A. Petrochemical Vessels Italy Detail
ATEX Spare Parts of Textile Machinery Indonesia Detail
ATG Willand UV water disinfection United Kingdom Detail
Atlas Copco Compressors Mexico Detail
Atlas Copco Compressors Portugal Detail
Atlas Copco Airpower N.V Compressed air system Belgium Detail
Atlas Copco Compressors Austra Compressors and related equipment Australia Detail
Atlas Copco Compressors Ltd Compressors United Kingdom Detail
Atlas Copco Comptec Inc. Centrifugal Compressors USA Detail
Atlas Copco Energas GmbH Turbo machines Germany Detail
Atlas Copco Korea Air-Compressor Korea Detail
Atonomo Consultation Spain Detail
ATS Faar SpA Laboratory Furniture, Instruments, chemicals & reagents Italy Detail
Audco India Limited Gate, Globe & Check Valves India Detail
Aukra-Midsund Offshore AS Pressure Vessels, Atmospheric Tanks Norway Detail
Auquime SA Process equipment for chemical industry Spain Detail
Austral Engineering Supplies Valves & Instruments Australia Detail
Autronica Fire and Security AS Fire and Gas Detection Systems Norway Detail
Avery Weigh-tronix Scales USA Detail
Axflow B.V. Pumps & Pumps Systems The Netherlands Detail
AxFlow Limited (UK) Pumps, compressors, turbines etc United Kingdom Detail
Axflow, S.A. Pumps Mixers and Systems Spain Detail
Axsia serck Baker Oil Industry United Kingdom Detail
B.F.E. S.p.A. Forged Gate, Globe & Check valves Italy Detail
B.L.Camtek Technology Carbon filters Australia Detail
BAC Corrosion Control Limited Cathodic Protection United Kingdom Detail
BAC Valves SA Ball & HP Butterfly valves Spain Detail
Badotherm Far East Co.,Ltd Pressure Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Diaph EU Detail
Bailey Birkett Sales Division Pressure relief and flame protection equ United Kingdom Detail
Baker Energy Spare Parts USA Detail
Baker Hughes Centrilift Specialty Pumps USA Detail
Baker Oil Tools Surface Safety Systems USA Detail
Bala Subramaniam PA Systems India Detail
Balvin Gasoline dispensers Canada Detail
Balvin Electronics Ltd Fuel dispensers United Kingdom Detail
Bantrel EPC Canada Detail
Baotong Trading Company Ltd. Chemicals and non-ferrous metal Vietnam Detail
Barber Engineering and Control Control Valves and PSV's Canada Detail
Bardex Corporation Gripper Jacks, BOP Cylinders, Rig Skidding USA Detail
Barton Firtop Eng. Co. Ltd. Filters, Strainers & Vessels United kingdom Detail
Basell Benelux Chemical products The Netherlands Detail
BASF HP Equipment Germany Detail
BASF-YPC Company Limited Purchaser China Detail
Batliboi Environmental Engg. Industrial Fans & Air Pollution Control India Detail
Bavcos Check Valves Korea Detail
BBA Group B.V. Pump industry The Netherlands Detail
BBP Turbine Services bv. Total Service Provider HD Gas Turbines The Netherlands Detail
BCROH AFC Korea Detail
BCV Technologies Transformer manufacturing France Detail
BDT Air Cooler & Pressure Vessel China Detail
Bea technologies SpA Filters Italy Detail
Beam International Oil Services Lebanon Detail
Beamex Oy Ab Calibration equipment and systems Finland Detail
Beaudrey Screening Equipment France Detail
Bechtel Corporation EPC Services USA Detail
Bechtel Internation Inc Spare Parts Thailand Detail
Beck & Pollitzer Control Syste Control Systems Specialist Services United Kingdom Detail
Begley International Merlin Connectors United Kingdom Detail
Beijing Brighty Mac&Ele Pressure Gauge, Switch China Detail
Beijing Consen Automation Detector China Detail
Beijing Fortune Draeger Safety Gas Detection System China Detail
Beijing Kanit Auto.Eng.Tech.Co Ball Valve China Detail
Beijing PaT-Tech Consulting Power Supplying Equipment, Diesel & Gas Fueled Generators China Detail
Beijing Ruituojiangnan Automat Control valve China Detail
Beijing Siemens Cerbrus Gas and smoke detection system China Detail
BEKA Associates Display Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Belliss & Morcom Compressors United Kingdom Detail
Benchmark Instrumentation & An Sampling and Analysis Canada Detail
Bendalls Engineering Pressure Vessels United Kingdom Detail
Benfield Electric Japan Co Ltd - Japan Detail
Benning NL AC and DC UPS Systems The Netherlands Detail
Benod International Limited Refrigeration Nigeria Detail
Bently Nevada Vibration/Plant asset Management Systems, Speed tronic MKVI USA Detail
Bently Nevada (UK) Ltd Vibration Monitoring Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Bently Nevada South Africa Asset Management Systems South Africa Detail
Berkat Honeywell Sdn Bhd Safety System USA Detail
Bertrams Heatec Ltd. Thermal Process Technology Switzerland Detail
BETS B.V. Construction The Netherlands Detail
BETS BV Construction Company Russia Detail
BetzDearborn B. V. Watertreatment products The Netherlands Detail
BHEL DTT & Transformers India Detail
Bhpv Pressure vessels India Detail
BHPV epc & fabrication India Detail
BHS Getriebe High Speed Gears Germany Detail
Biar SA Sampling Valve Switzerland Detail
Biffi Italia S.r.l. Actuators & control systems Italy Detail
BIH Ltd. Fired Heaters & WHRU United Kingdom Detail
Bilfal Pressure Saudi Arabia Detail
Bilfinger Berger AG Building Contractor Germany Detail
Billboard Eng Co., Ltd. Mooring Hook China Detail
Bin Saud Technical Trading Est Fire & Gas Detection, Safety, Analysers UAE Detail
BJ Process and Pipeline Servic N2 He Leak Testing Norway Detail
Bjørge Eureka AS Pumps Norway Detail
Bjørge Offshore AS HVAC Norway Detail
Bjørge Solberg & Andersen Valves Norway Detail
Blackburn Starling & Co. Ltd Motor Control Centres / Switchgear / PLC United Kingdom Detail
Blakers Pump Engineers Pumps Australia Detail
BLNG Gas production Brunei Detail
BOC Edwards Vacuum Pump Systems United Kingdom Detail
BOC Edwards Hibon Pressure and vacuum blowers France Detail
Böhler Hochdrucktechnik GmbH Peroxide Injection Pumps, high pressure valves, piping & fittings Austria Detail
Bokela GmbH Filter Germany Detail
Bombas Ercole Marelli Pump Manufacturer Spain Detail
Bombas Goulds de Mexico Pump Co. Mexico Detail
Bono Exacta S.p.A. Dosing Packages Italy Detail
Bopp & Reuther Italia s.r.l. PD Meters Italy Detail
Bopp & Reuther messtechnik gmb Flow Meters & Mearsuring Systems Germany Detail
Bopp & reuther messtechnik gmb Flow Meters & Mearsuring Systems Korea Detail
Born Heaters Canada ULC Design & Manufact. Direct Fired Heaters Canada Detail
Borsig GmbH Double pipe heat exchanger, heat recovery vessels Germany Detail
Boustead International Heaters Direct Fired Heaters and WHRU United Kingdom Detail
Boxer Industrial Supplies Ltd Workshop & Lab Equipment United Kingdom Detail
BPE Industrial Equipment Spain Detail
BPE Engineering & Services S/B Electrical Malaysia Detail
Brackett Green Ltd Water screening and filtration United Kingdom Detail
Braithwaite Engineers Ltd Water Storage Tanks United Kingdom Detail
Bran & Luebbe Chemical Injection Packages, Metering pumps and systems United Kingdom Detail
Bran & Luebbe Pumps and Metering systems France Detail
Bran & Luebbe Metering, dosing and mixing systems The Netherlands Detail
Bran & Luebbe, Inc. Metering Pumps and Systems USA Detail
Bran+Luebbe GmbH Pumps, Systems and Analyzers Germany Detail
Braunschweiger Flammenfilter Flame Arresters, P/V-Valves Germany Detail
Bravida Norge AS Tele and data communication Norway Detail
Brdr. Christensen Aps Plug valve Denmark Detail
Brembana C.I. S.r.l. Shell & tube heat exchangers Italy Detail
Brevetti van Berkel Scales Italy Detail
Brisco Engineering Wellhead Control Panels United Kingdom Detail
Brizon Oil and gas equipment USA Detail
Brodie Meter (M) Sdn Bhd Flowmeters Malaysia Detail
Bronswerk Heat Transfer B.V. Heat Exchangers The Netherlands Detail
Bronswerk Heat Transver s.r.o Air-cooled Heat Exchangers and Condensers Czech Republic Detail
Brook Crompton Electric Motors United Kingdom Detail
Brooks Instrument Flow Solutions The Netherlands Detail
Brotherhood Ltd Steam Turbine / Compressor United Kingdom Detail
Brown Brothers Engineers Ltd. Pumps New Zealand Detail
Brown Fintube Company, LP Heat Exchangers USA Detail
Brown Fintube Emea Heat Exchangers USA Detail
Brown Fintube Emea Heat Exchangers Germany Detail
Brown Fintube France S.A. Hairpin Heat EXxchangers France Detail
Brück Pipeconnections BV Seamless Ringrolling / Forging The Netherlands Detail
Brude Safety AS Fire, Rescue and Safety Equipment Norway Detail
Bruel & Kjaer Vibro Machine Monitoring The Netherlands Detail
Brüel & Kjær Vibro A/S Condition Monitoring Systems, Instrumentation Denmark Detail
Bruker Optik Asia NIR China Detail
Brush Transformers Ltd Transformers United Kingdom Detail
BS&B Safety Systems India Ltd Rupture Disks India Detail
BSCE Fire and gas detection China Detail
BSF Glassware China Detail
BSF Design China Detail
BT Software Development & Consultancy The Netherlands Detail
BTT Aircoolers France Detail
Buitendijk Techniek BV Cranes, access gangway systems The Netherlands Detail
Bumiflow Technologies Sdn Bhd Valves,pipes, flanges, fittings Malaysia Detail
Bun'i Projects Plants & Equipments India Detail
Burckhardt Compression Piston and Recip Compressor Switzerland Detail
Burdinola Laboratory Furniture Spain Detail
Burgers-Ergon bv W- en E- installaties The Netherlands Detail
Burgess Manning Europe Limited Separation Equipment EU Detail
Burgess-Manning (S) Pte Ltd Pressure Separator Singapore Detail
Burgess-Miura Co., Ltd Silencer, Separator Japan Detail
Burgmann bv Metal seated ball valves The Netherlands Detail
Burgmann Dichtungswerke Mechanical Seals Germany Detail
Burton Corblin Compressors France Detail
Busch B.V. Vacuum pumps and systems; engineering The Netherlands Detail
Busch, Inc. Vacuum Pumps USA Detail
Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH Thermal Separation Technologies Germany Detail
BWK Co.,Ltd Pool Equipment Korea Detail
BYC Chemicals products China Detail
BYPCI C.S Vessels China Detail
C. I. Cividac SPA Pressure Equipments Italy Detail
C'treat Offshore R.O. Watermakers USA Detail
Caird & Rayner Clark Reverse Osmosis Package United Kingdom Detail
Calder Limited High pressure pumping packages United Kingdom Detail
Califonia Shanghai Pressure Vessels China Detail
Callidus Technologies LLC Burner Combustion Parts USA Detail
Calorifer AG Heat Exchanger Switzerland Detail
Calortec Ltd Boiler plants and heating equipment Finland Detail
Calzavara spa Aircraft warning light system Italy Detail
Cameron BOP Control System USA Detail
Cameron Drilling Systems Drilling and Production Equipment USA Detail
Cameron France S.A.S Oil & Gas Equipment France Detail
Cameron Ireland Chokes and Actuators Ireland Detail
Cameron Italy S.R.L. Valves Italy Detail
Cameron Norge AS General Tubing Hangers and Valves Norway Detail
Cameron Offshore Systems Subsea Systems USA Detail
Cameron Process Systems Oil Processing Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Cameron Willis Ireland Ltd Surface and Subsea Chokes and Actuators Ireland Detail
Camom (bouygues-offhore group) Oil and gas maintenance services France Detail
Canada Towers Inc. Portable communication towers Canada Detail
Caproco Int Ltd Internal Corrosion Monitoring Canada Detail
Carbis, Inc Loading platforms USA Detail
CarlTech bv analytical instruments The Netherlands Detail
Carpenteria Corsi Srl Heavy Wall Vessels, Reactors & Separators Italy Detail
Carrier Korea Operations Hvac Equipment Korea Detail
Catcon A/S SCR Equipment Denmark Detail
Cathelco S.E.A Pte Ltd ICCP and MGPS systems United Kingdom Detail
CB&I LNG EPC Contractor USA Detail
CBI (Thailand) Ltd. Storage Tanks, Vessels Thailand Detail
CBISS Limited CEMS & Sampling Systems United Kingdom Detail
CC BLOWER Fans Italy Detail
CC3EB Transfomer China Detail
CCI Ltd Severe Service Control Valves Korea Detail
CCI Valve Technology AB Control Valves Sweden Detail
CCI Valves AG Valves Switzerland Detail
CCR Technologies Hydrate Inhibition & Solvent Reclamation USA Detail
CCR Technologies Hydrate Inhibition & Solvent Reclamation Canada Detail
CCV Valves USA Detail
CDB Engineering s.r.l. Strainers, sight glasses, steamtraps Italy Detail
CDS Engineering Separation internals The Netherlands Detail
CEAG FCG Pvt. Ltd. Flameproof Electrical items / Explosion protected Equipment India Detail
CEG s.p.a. AC & DC UPS Italy Detail
Cegelec Services Morocco Detail
Celant.Tel SRL Passive and Actively cooled Shelters Italy Detail
Central Filter MFG. Co., LTD Filter Japan Detail
Centrilift Baker Hughes Injection pump The Netherlands Detail
Century Coporation HVAC Facilities and equipment Korea Detail
CenturyVallen MRO & Safety USA Detail
Cephaspipelines Corp. Butterfly Valves Korea Detail
Cesare Bonetti SpA Magnetic and Glass level gauges Italy Detail
Ceska rafinerska a.s. Refinery Czech republic Detail
Cessco Fabrication and Engineering Pressure Vessel Fabrication Canada Detail
CETI Valves & Services B.V. ONIS and special valves The Netherlands Detail
CGEN Information Systems IT China Detail
Chalmit Lighting Lighting fixtures United Kingdom Detail
Chamco Industries Ltd. Pump Packages Canada Detail
Changkai Switchgear Switchgear 6Kv China Detail
Channel Fabricators Pressure Vessels South Africa Detail
Chart Energy and Chemicals, Inc. Plate Fin Exchangers (Brazed Aluminium) USA Detail
Chashmita Engineers PVT. LTD. CCTV SYSTEM, PA SYSTEM India Detail
Chau Wan Seng fire equipment & fire fighting system Malaysia Detail
Cheming, a.s. Pardubice Czech - Czech Republic Detail
Chemitreat Pte Ltd Water treatments Singapore Detail
Chemtrol Proyectos y Sistemas Fire Protection Spain Detail
Chemtrols Process Control Instrumentation India Detail
Chiyoda Chemical Plant Japan Detail
Chiyoda Corporation Plant Engineering Japan Detail
Chiyotec Engineering Japan Detail
Chloride Industrial France Power Protection Solutions France Detail
Chloride Industrial System Equipments France Detail
Chloride Power Systems UPS France Detail
Christ AG Water technology Switzerland Detail
Chromalox, Inc. Electric heaters and control panels USA Detail
Cibus Inc Waste Compactor USA Detail
Cirmac International bv Nitrogen Generators The Netherlands Detail
CITBA Chemical Injection Packages France Detail
CITBA Pressure vessels France Detail
Citec International Sdn Bhd Closed Control Air-conditioner Malaysia Detail
CJSC Iskra-Energetika Power plant, Compressor Package, etc. Russia Detail
ClampOn AS Sand Monitors, Pig Detectors Norway Detail
ClampOn AS Ultrasonic non-intrusive sensors Norway Detail
Clark-Reliance Corporation Level gauges USA Detail
ClearTech Instrumentation and Chemicals Canada Detail
ClydeUnion Pumps DB Ltd Centrifugal Pumps United Kingdom Detail
CMA Engineering Singapore Pte Fire Protection Products Singapore Detail
CMIC Power Plant China Detail
Cmt Gas Turbine Italy Detail
CNOOC, Nanhai Eest Telecom. Co. Radio Systems China Detail
C-Nox GmbH & Co. KG Flare stacks, Gas Combustion Systems Germany Detail
Coates Offshore Compressors & Steam Boilers United Kingdom Detail
Coen Canada Inc. Combustion Systems Canada Detail
COEX Ltd EExd & Marine CCTV Systems United Kingdom Detail
Cofely Refrigeration bv Random The Netherlands Detail
Cohrs + Partner System Integration Germany Detail
Coimsur, S.A. de C.V. Metering skids Mexico Detail
Colt Engineering Corp. Engineering Contracting Canada Detail
Comart spa Oil & Gas Equipment Italy Detail
Combit engineering Russia Detail
Combustion control engineers Gas Flaring System India Detail
Comercial Gasso, S.A Tubes and Components Spain Detail
Comet Consultants, Inc. Rotating Equipment USA Detail
ComPower A/S AC and DC UPS Norway Detail
Compur Monitors BV Gas detectie Germany Detail
Comsight Techniloipy Co,Ltd. Led Display(screen) China Detail
Conder Products LTD Fibre Glass Storage Tanks United Kingdom Detail
ConocoPhillips Bohai Bay Phase 2 USA Detail
ConPackSys Engineering, Design, Compresoors The Netherlands Detail
Consorcio Industrial SA CV Manufacturing Mexico Detail
Continental Disc B.V. Pressure Relief Products The Netherlands Detail
Continental Disc Corporation Rupture Discs USA Detail
Continental Industrie Blowers & Exhausters France Detail
Control and Applications Asia Analyser system package Singapore Detail
Control Pardazandeh Company Electronic products Iran Detail
Control Seal Valves The Netherlands Detail
Control Valves U. K. Ltd. Supplier of Arca Regler Control Valves Germany Detail
Controlec Construction BV Analyser systems The Netherlands Detail
Controlin BV EX enclosures United Kingdom Detail
Controls & Electrics Pte Ltd Safety & Control Systems Singapore Detail
Cooper Cameron Valves Ball and gate valves USA Detail
Cooper Crouse-Hinds B.V. Explosion Protected Products Germany Detail
Cooper Electric (Shanghai) Co. Ex-Proof Equipment China Detail
Cooper Power Systems Capacitors USA Detail
Cooperheat UK Ltd Trace Heating & Heat Treatment Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Coperion Waeschle GmbH SolidsBulkHandling Germany Detail
Coperion Werner & Pfleiderer Mixers Germany Detail
Coperion Werner&Pfleiderer Extruders Germany Detail
Coral Engineering Limited Mud Control Systems United Kingdom Detail
Corderie Dor Lifting appliances France Detail
Cormon Ltd Corrosion Monitoring Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Cornerstone Valve USA Ball and Check valves, High Pressure USA Detail
CorrOcean ASA Corrosion/ Erosion Monitoring Norway Detail
CorrOcean srl Corrosion Monitoring Systems Italy Detail
CorroOean ASA Monitoring Technology Norway Detail
Cortech Engineering Pumps and Process equipment skids USA Detail
Cosalt International Ltd Marine Safety & Lifesaving Equipment United kingdom Detail
Cosalt International Ltd Fire Fighting Equipment EU Detail
Cosco Loading Arm China Detail
Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO Reactor internals Italy Detail
Coyard SA Valves France Detail
CPC Pumps International Inc. Pumps Canada Detail
CPFCC Pumps China Detail
CPFCC Tank China Detail
CP-Pumpen AG Magnetic drive Pumps Switzerland Detail
Crane Water Treatment USA Detail
Crane Process Flow Technologie Diaphragm and Peristaltic Pumps Germany Detail
Crane Process Flow Technology Pumps & valves Belgium Detail
Crane Stockham Valves Ltd Dual Plate and Nozzle Check Valves United Kingdom Detail
Crane Valve China Butterfly, Gate, Globe and check Valves China Detail
Crispin Valve Pressure Vacuum and Air Valves USA Detail
Croll-Reynolds Engineering Equipment USA Detail
Cruickshanks Ceylon Ptv Ltd Control and Relay Panels Sri Lanka Detail
Cryostar France Turbo Expander, turbines France Detail
CSE Global Limited Syetem Integrator Singapore Detail
CSPC POP China Detail
CTCI Corporation Construction bulk materials China Detail
CTCI Overseas Corporation ECU/LCI Product Taiwan Detail
Cumberland Electrochemical Ltd Electrochlorination United Kingdom Detail
Cuno Filtration (Shanghai) Co. Filter China Detail
Custom Controls Ltd Valves, Actuators, Positioners, Spares New Zealand Detail
Cutler Hammer de Venezuela Electrical Distribution and Control Venezuela Detail
CV. KJ Teknik General Trading Indonesia Detail
CWFC - Farris Engineering Pressure Relief Valves USA Detail
Cyclotech Separation & Hydro cyclones United Kingdom Detail
Czech Refining Company oil & gas Czech Republic Detail
D.D.I.T. Steam turbines Czech Republic Detail
Dachang HRSG Corporation Pressure Vessels Korea Detail
Dae Myung Elevator Co., Lld. Elevator Korea Detail
Dae Shin Electric Co.,Ltd. Electrical Control System Korea Detail
Dae Shin Electric Co.,Ltd. Doctor Call System Korea Detail
Daekyung Indah Heavy Industry Vessel Indonesia Detail
DaeKyung Machinery & Engineeri H/Ex Korea Detail
Daekyung Machinery&Engineering Chemical Equpiment Korea Detail
Daekyung technos Pressure vessels Korea Detail
Daelim Equipment Korea Detail
Daelman Systems BV Resistors, Relays, Transformers, Switchg The Netherlands Detail
DaeMyung Elevator Co., LTD. Elevator Korea Detail
Daewoo Equipment for CCAGG PJ Korea Detail
Daewoo e & c Engineering construction Nigeria Detail
Daewoo E & C Construction & Engineering Korea Detail
Daewoo Nig. Ltd. Oil & Gas Facilities Korea Detail
Daeyang Sanggong SA Bearing Korea Detail
Dahlman Filter Technology Filters The Netherlands Detail
Daido Machines Co. Ltd. Filters, strainers, auto strainers & sight glasses Japan Detail
Daiso Engineering Plant engineering and construction Japan Detail
Dales Engineering Services Steel Fabrication & Pipework United Kingdom Detail
Dalian Bingshan Group JHM Pressure Vessels China Detail
Dalian Danai Pumps Ltd Metering pump China Detail
Dalian Deepblue Pump Co. Ltd. Centrifugal Pumps China Detail
Dalian Hitachi BaoYuan Co., Ltd Column & Vessel China Detail
Danfoss A/S Flow metering Denmark Detail
Daniel Europe Ltd Fiscal Flow Measurement, Ultrasonic Meters United Kingdom Detail
Daniel Industries Electronic Flow Products USA Detail
Daniel Industries Canada Electronic flow products Canada Detail
Daniele Cogliati Filter Italy Detail
Danmar Industries, Inc. Compressed Air Products USA Detail
Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co Engineering of Tank Farm etc. China Detail
Datamas Technologies Sdn Bhd Medical Items Brunei Detail
Datar Switchgear Limited Low Voltage Switchgear India Detail
David Brown Guinard Pumps Oil Pumps France Detail
David Brown Union Pumps Ltd. Centrifugal pumps United Kingdom Detail
DB Power Electronics Pvt Ltd UPS Systems, Batteries India Detail
DBGP Pumps France Detail
DCE Donaldson Ltd Filters United Kingdom Detail
DCS Niaga Instrumentation Malaysia Detail
DDIT Turbines Czech republic Detail
De Jong-Coen b.v. Burners / Combustion Equipment The Netherlands Detail
De Plaatijzerindustrie BV Pressure vessels The Netherlands Detail
De Wolf Products bv Safety and Survival Equipment The Netherlands Detail
Deakyung Machinery & Eng. H/EX Korea Detail
Decometa nv Pressure vessels Belgium Detail
Defmat International Safety valves France Detail
DELAIR BV compressed air dryers The Netherlands Detail
Delta Controls Corporation Flow Switch USA Detail
Delta Controls Italia Pressure & temperature instruments Italy Detail
Delta Pacific Valve Mfg. Co. Cast Steel Valves USA Detail
Delta Valves & Controls Ltd Ball valves United Kingdom Detail
Delta Valves and Controls Ltd Ball Valves Italy Detail
Deltak Heat Recovery Steam Generator Supply USA Detail
Demag Cranes and Components Crane , Rope hoist , driver Germany Detail
Demag Delaval Industrial Turbo Steam Turbine Czech Republic Detail
Den holder BV Flow measurement equipment The Netherlands Detail
Derby Specialist Fabrications Pressure Vessels & Fabrications United Kingdom Detail
Design Controls Chemical Feed Systems USA Detail
Destec Engineering Limited Clamp Connectors, Compact Flanges United Kingdom Detail
Detcon Inc. GAS Detectors USA Detail
Detection Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd. Fire , Gas & Safety systems India Detail
Detector Electronics Flame & Gas Detectors & Systems USA Detail
Detector Electronics UK Ltd Flame & Gas Detection equipt & systems USA Detail
Dettin S.P.A. Vessel Italy Detail
Dexter-Dutch Explosafety Cente Ex equipment The Netherlands Detail
DFC/Control Seal Valves The Netherlands Detail
DHME Pressure Vessel China Detail
DI UK Ltd Safety Valves United Kingdom Detail
Diamond Instrument and Control Ultrasonic Flow meter USA Detail
Diamond Power Hubei Sootblower USA Detail
Diamondventure Co.,Ltd. Magnetrol Level Instrument Thailand Detail
Dieckers GmbH & Co. KG HP-Components Germany Detail
Dietsmann -Division Setram EIT offshore France Detail
Dijksman Tankbouw B.V. Storage tanks, vessels The Netherlands Detail
Dinnissen b.v. Bag / Drum empting systems The Netherlands Detail
Dionex China Ltd Ion Chromatograph USA Detail
Direct Engineering Services HVAC for hazardous areas Australia Detail
Discon co Pipes India Detail
Distrimex pompen BV Pumps The Netherlands Detail
Distripoint Systemen B.V. Electrical equipment The Netherlands Detail
DKME Heat Exchanger Korea Detail
Dodsal EPC UAE Detail
Doedijns Hydraulics B.V. Hydraulic Valve Act. Systems, Well Control Equipment, Instrumentation The Netherlands Detail
Dollinger International Process Filters United Kingdom Detail
Dolphin Energy Ltd GAS Production Qatar Detail
Domnick Hunter Compressed Air Treatment United Kingdom Detail
Dong Jin Co. Ltd Hack sawing M/C Korea Detail
Dong Myung Chem. Plant Co. FRP Underground Storage Tanks Korea Detail
Dooley Tackaberry Inc. Fire Protection USA Detail
Doosan Mecatec Co.,Ltd. Chemical Process Equipment, pressure vessels Korea Detail
Dormanlong Vessels Nigeria Detail
Dosapro Milton Roy Dosing and Mixing France Detail
Doshi Engineering Works Chemicals Plants & Equipments India Detail
Douglas Chero SPA Forged Valves Italy Detail
Douglas Italia SpA Strainers, Steam Traps, Sight Glasses Italy Detail
Dovianus B.V. Dopak Sampling Systems The Netherlands Detail
Dovianus BV Sampling Systems The Netherlands Detail
DP Instrumentation Instrumentation United Kingdom Detail
DPS (Bristol) Limited Process / Topsides Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Dr. Collin GmbH Machines for processing of polymers Germany Detail
Draeger Safety Gas Detection Germany Detail
Draeger Safety Asia Pte Ltd. Gas Detection Singapore Detail
Draeger Safety Italia S.p.A. Gas Detectors Italy Detail
Draeger Safety Pacific Pty Ltd Fire & Gas Detection Systems Australia Detail
Draeger Safety UK Ltd Gas Detection United Kingdom Detail
Dräger Safety Nederland B.V. Gas Detection Equipment The Netherlands Detail
Draka Norsk Kabel Cables Norway Detail
Dresser Energy Services & Support USA Detail
Dresser Valves & Level Transmitters USA Detail
Dresser Valves China Detail
Dresser Valves France Detail
Dresser Valves Canada Detail
Dresser Consolidated Safety Valves United Kingdom Detail
Dresser Europe GmbH Pressure & temperature gauges, switches Germany Detail
Dresser Flow Solutions Valves Canada Detail
Dresser Flow Solutions Control Valves & Equipment Singapore Detail
Dresser Flow Solutions Relief and Control Valves USA Detail
Dresser Flow Solutons Control Valves UAE Detail
Dresser Italia srl Control Valves Italy Detail
Dresser Masoneilan Control valves USA Detail
Dresser Rand Le Havre Compressor Packages France Detail
Dresser Singapore Control Valves Singapore Detail
Dresser UK Ltd. Regeneration Compressor United Kingdom Detail
Dresser Valves Europe Control Valves The Netherlands Detail
Dresser/Masoneilan Control valves USA Detail
Dresser-Rand Compressors USA Detail
Dresser-Rand Asia Pacific Compressor Malaysia Detail
Dresser-Rand Company Steam Turbine Products USA Detail
DrM Filtration equipment Switzerland Detail
Dropsa Lubrication Systems Italy Detail
DSM Chemicals The Netherlands Detail
DSME Ship building Korea Detail
DTSC YPC Taiwan Detail
Ducati Energia Power factor correction Italy Detail
Duijvelaar Pompen BV Pumps The Netherlands Detail
Duiker Combustion Engineers bv Combustion Engineering & Contracting The Netherlands Detail
Duke v.o.f. Gull scaring systems The Netherlands Detail
Dunlop Hiflex AS Hoses Norway Detail
Dupleix Liquid Meter Instrumentation South Africa Detail
Durham Geo Slope Indicator Geotechnical Instrumentation USA Detail
Dürr Environmental GmbH Exhaust air purification Germany Detail
Duxvalves B.V. Choke Control Valves The Netherlands Detail
Dynac Sdn Bhd HVAC packages Malaysia Detail
Dynaglass Reinforced Plastic Pte Ltd GRP, fibreglass & composite material products Singapore Detail
E. Beaudrey & Cie. Water screens & Debris filters France Detail
E.A.V. Explosion-proof materials Belgium Detail
E.EL Franks Rotary Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Eagle Industry Co.,Ltd. Diaphragm coupling Japan Detail
Eagull Cooling China Detail
East West Trading Intl. Supplier of Materials for O&G. UAE Detail
Eaton Power distribution systems, switchgear The Netherlands Detail
Eaton Electric Electrical The Netherlands Detail
Eaton electric (Holec) LV and MV switchgear The Netherlands Detail
Eaton Electric NV Switchgear USA Detail
Eaton-Williams Group Air Conditioning Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Ebara Corporation Refrigeration, Chillers Japan Detail
Ebara Corporation Sea Water Circulation Pump, Centrifugal Pumps Japan Detail
Ebara International Corp Cryogenic Pumps USA Detail
EBP Engineering Services PL Sampling System & Components Singapore Detail
Ecodyne Limited Industrial water treatment OEM equipment Canada Detail
EDA Instruments & Systems Control & Signalling equipments Thailand Detail
Edaran Fokus Sdn Bhd Manual Valve United Kingdom Detail
Eet Flare France Detail
Efasindo Primantara Distributor of SKF Indonesia Detail
Egemaco for general supplies General supplies Egypt Detail
Eiffage International Building Equipment France Detail
Eiffel trading&gen contr ltd Services Yemen Detail
Ekarat Engineering Transformer Thailand Detail
EKATO Ruehr- und Mischtechnik Mixers Germany Detail
Electrocatalytic Limited Electrochlorination United Kingdom Detail
Electromach Electrical systems for the oil and gas EU Detail
Elemental Analytics (Pty) Ltd Water & Gas Analysers South Africa Detail
Elementos electricos sa de cv Fire protection systems Mexico Detail
Elfab Limited Pressure Safety Relief Products United Kingdom Detail
Elgin Engineering Heat exchangerss and Pressure vessel South Africa Detail
Ellimetal Vessels, Silo'S Columns Belgium Detail
Elliott Company Air Compressors and Turbomachinery USA Detail
Elliott Ebara Centrifugal compressor Japan Detail
Elliott Turbo Machinery Compressors USA Detail
Elliott-Ebara Turbomachinery Centrifugal compressors & steam turbines USA Detail
Elmac Eng div of KnitMesh Ltd Flame Arrestors United Kingdom Detail
Elscolab Nederland B.V. Analytical proces equipment The Netherlands Detail
Elster-Instromet UK Gas Control Equipment & Metering Systems United Kingdom Detail
Eltacon Engineering B.V. Compression and filtration packages The Netherlands Detail
Eltron Chromalox Industrial Heaters & Control Systems United Kingdom Detail
EMCO Limited Transformers India Detail
Emco Wheaton GmbH Fluid Transfer Equipment Germany Detail
Emerging Systems IT & Telecommunication Equipment Pakistan Detail
Emerson Instruments Spain Detail
Emerson- FCEC Control Valves India Detail
Emerson Fisher Valves EU Fisher Industrial Valves Philippines Detail
Emerson Japan, Ltd Elecrtronic Field Instrumants Japan Detail
Emerson Process Management Process instruments, systems & control valves USA Detail
Emerson Process Management Automation systems & control valves France Detail
Emerson Process Management Process Control Solutions, DCS systems China Detail
Emerson Process Management Process System Solution Provider Malaysia Detail
Emerson Process Management Process Instrumentation EU Detail
Emerson Process Management Self Operated Valves & Industrial Instruments Italy Detail
Emerson Process Management Control valves & Process instruments Mexico Detail
Emerson Process Management Flow measurement, Process instruments, DCS systems & control valves United Kingdom Detail
Emerson Process Management Process automation systems Singapore Detail
Emerson Process Management bv Process Control Equipment The Netherlands Detail
Emstec Rubber Hoses Germany Detail
Emtrol LLC FCC Process Equipment USA Detail
Endress + Hauser Process Instrumentation, automation Switzerland Detail
Endress + Hauser (M) Sdn Bhd Instruments Malaysia Detail
Endress + Hauser GmbH+Co.KG -I Measuring instruments, capicitance Germany Detail
Endress + Hauser Instruments I Measurement Instruments EU Detail
Endress Hauser Strumentazione di Misura Italy Detail
Endress+Hauser Industrial Measurement United Kingdom Detail
Endress+Hauser AS Process instrumentation Germany Detail
Endress+Hauser B.V. Instrumentation The Netherlands Detail
Endress+Hauser Canada Ltd. Instruments Canada Detail
Endress+Hauser Japan Co.,Ltd. Process instruments, capicitance Japan Detail
Endress+Hauser(Korea)Co.,Ltd. Process instruments Korea Detail
Enelco Environmental Technolog baghouse, ESP parts, tower, steel structure China Detail
Energy industries engineering Petrochemical plants Iran Detail
Energy Power Systems Caterpillar Engine Dealer Australia Detail
Enersave water sdn bhd water & waste water treatment Malaysia Detail
Enersul Sulphur Canada Detail
EN-FAB, Inc. Oil and Gas Industry USA Detail
Engineering Dynamics Vibratrion Products and services USA Detail
Enraf B.V. Level Gauging Equipment The Netherlands Detail
ENRAF Contrec Terminal Automation Systems Australia Detail
Enraf GmbH Level Gauging Equipment Germany Detail
Enraf Ltd Tank Gauging & TDAS United Kingdom Detail
Enraf Pte. Ltd. Radar & VITO Temp. The Netherlands Detail
Enraf Pte.Ltd. Automatic Tank Gauging System Singapore Detail
Enraf Shanghai Level Gauge China Detail
Enraf Terminal Automation Tank gauging France Detail
Ensival-Moret Belgium Industrial pumps manufacturer Belgium Detail
Enterprise Steel Fabricators Pressure vessels Canada Detail
Entropie Desalination unit France Detail
Enviro-Tech HVAC Hong Kong Detail
Envirotech Pumpsystems Pumps The Netherlands Detail
Eogo Electronics company China Detail
eProduction Solutions Wellhead Control Systems Oil & Gas United Kingdom Detail
eProduction Solutions Wellhead Control Panels UAE Detail
eProduction Solutions UK Ltd Topside & Subsea Control Systems and Svs United Kingdom Detail
EPS International Chemical Injection Skids USA Detail
Eptec AS Pumps Norway Detail
Equipos Industriales del Golfo Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels Mexico Detail
eReM Elektrotechnici B.V. Industrial Automation The Netherlands Detail
Eriks bv Valves The Netherlands Detail
Eriskip Honeywell Analytics Russia Detail
Escher Holland B.V. Process Equipment & skits The Netherlands Detail
Escher Process Modules BV Process Packages and Flare Systems The Netherlands Detail
Essem Corporation Sdn Bhd Y-Type Strainers Canada Detail
Eta Process Plant Deaeration Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Etaco Agent Egypt Detail
ETD Makmur M Sdn Bhd Electrical Malaysia Detail
Euro consultants & engineering Filtration equipment The Netherlands Detail
Euro tech (Far east) Co. LTD. Water quality analyzer, instruments USA Detail
Eurodia Industrie S.A. Electrodyalisis Stacks France Detail
Euromisure Flow and Temperature Meter Italy Detail
Euromont Group a.s. Maintenance Czech Republic Detail
Eurotech Co Ltd Hach Analyzer USA Detail
Eurotherm BV Measurement&Control Instruments The Netherlands Detail
EVAC Valve integration The Netherlands Detail
EW Technologies Limited Close Control AHU equipment United Kingdom Detail
Exact Energy Sdn Bhd Control Valve USA Detail
Excel Technological Services Honeywell Pakistan Detail
Excellift Sdn Bhd Crane and Hoist Malaysia Detail
Exchanger Industries Heat Exchangers (Shell & Tube; Air Cool) Canada Detail
Eyle & Ruygers BV Machines & Tools The Netherlands Detail
Fabcon Projects ltd Engineering United Kingdom Detail
Facet Industrial Filtration United Kingdom Detail
Facet Industrial BV Filtration & Separation products The Netherlands Detail
Facet Industrial bv Filtration & separation products USA Detail
FACT HVAC France Detail
Fahad H.Al-Otaibi Trading Est. Industrial Spare Parts Saudi Arabia Detail
FAI S.p.A. Pressure Vessels / Piping products Italy Detail
Famco Compressors, trucks & buses UAE Detail
Famco Compressors & Pneumatic Tools United Kingdom Detail
Fantoft Prosess AS Dynamic Process Simulation Software Norway Detail
Faris International Machinery Supplier to energy industries Iran Detail
Farris Engineering Safety and Pressure Relief Valves Canada Detail
Farris Engineering Safety and Pressure Relief Valves USA Detail
Favelle Favco Cranes Cranes Australia Detail
Favelle Favco Equip Servc S/B Service and Spare Parts Malaysia Detail
FB Skids The Netherlands Detail
FCx Thompson Valves Solenoid Valves United Kingdom Detail
FCX-Orton Butterfly valves Italy Detail
Federal Hardware Engrg P/L Mechanical Parts Singapore Detail
Feige Filling Technology Liquid Filling Systems Germany Detail
Feige GmbH Machines Germany Detail
Fema SRL Safety Valve Reactors Italy Detail
Fender Care Marine Solutions Marine Equipment and Services United Kingdom Detail
Fentek Asia Pte Ltd Marine Fenders Singapore Detail
Fichet-Bauche Portugal Security (Electronic) Portugal Detail
Fike Europe Bvba - Filiale Mi Rupture Discs Italy Detail
Fike Europe Explosion Protection Belgium Detail
Fike Japan Corporation Rupture Discs / Explosion Vents USA Detail
Filtration Services Company Water & Wastewater Treatment USA Detail
FIMA Maschinenbau Fans Germany Detail
Fimco Process packages, Control Systems Iran Detail
Fimco Process packages, Control Systems UAE Detail
Finetec Century HAVC Equipment Korea Detail
Fire Protection Engineering AS Firefighting Equipment Norway Detail
Fischcon Trading & Engineering Rotating equipment packages The Netherlands Detail
Fisher Control Valves USA Detail
Fisher Scientific Laboratory products USA Detail
Fisher Scientific (M) Sdn. Bhd Laboratory furniture, equipment, chemicals Malaysia Detail
Fisher Scientific UK Turnkey Laboratories United Kingdom Detail
Fisher-Rosemount bv Valves and regulators The Netherlands Detail
Fisher-Rosemount, s.r.o. Measurement & valve regulators Czech Republic Detail
Fiskal Teknikk AS Fiscal Metering/Analysis Norway Detail
Fitzroy Engineering group Ltd Pressure Vessels New Zealand Detail
FKV S.R.L. Lab. Equipment Italy Detail
FlaktWoods Group Ventilation & Air Conditioning Equipment Sweden Detail
FlaktWoods Group Ventilation & Air Conditioning Equipment United Kingdom Detail
FlexEJ Ltd Expansion Joints and Hoses United Kingdom Detail
Flochem AS Valves & Piping products Norway Detail
Flomat Bagfilla International Big Bag filling & Discharge United Kingdom Detail
Flotech Controls Safety relief vlves United Kingdom Detail
Flotech solutions ltd VA flowmeters and orifice plates EU Detail
Flotronic Pumps Air Driven Pumps United Kingdom Detail
Flottweg Nederland B.V. Centrifuges Germany Detail
Flow Control Technologies ball valves France Detail
Flowco International Inc. Fans and Turbines USA Detail
Flowserve Pumps China Detail
Flowserve Argus Ball Valves, Actuators Germany Detail
Flowserve Austria Pumps Austria Detail
Flowserve BV. Centrifugal pumps, mechanical seals, valves The Netherlands Detail
Flowserve Corp.- Seal Division Seals and Auxiliaries USA Detail
Flowserve Corp.-Pump Division Pumps USA Detail
Flowserve FCD Control Valves USA Detail
Flowserve Flow Control - ARGUS Ball Valves + Accessories Germany Detail
Flowserve Flow Control Benelux Valves, actuators & acc. The Netherlands Detail
Flowserve Flow Control Gestra Control valves Spain Detail
Flowserve Flow Control GmbH Ball Valves Germany Detail
Flowserve International Valve Production United Kingdom Detail
Flowserve Pte Ltd Pumps, valves, actuators & accessories Singapore Detail
Flowserve Pump Division Centrifugal Pump Italy Detail
Flowserve Pump Division Pumps EU Detail
Flowserve S.A. de C.V. Pumps Mexico Detail
Flowtech Engineering Manufacture of dosing systems Australia Detail
Flowtech Fluid Handling Ltd Filters and Filtration Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Fluenta AS Flare Gas Meter Norway Detail
Fluidel Srl Filtration Unit Italy Detail
Fluides Service Technologies Packager France Detail
Fluid-Power Equipment, Inc. Packaged Rotating Equipment USA Detail
Fluids Control Instrument Ltd. Instrument, Valve Taiwan Detail
Fluor SA Engineering South Africa Detail
Fly- & Industri-Instrumenter Instrumentation Norway Detail
FMC Kongsberg Metering Metering systems Norway Detail
FMC Measurement Solutions Metering systems USA Detail
FMC Technologies Subsea systems USA Detail
FMC Technologies Oil Field Equipment & Services Singapore Detail
FMC Technologies - FCD Div FMC Fluid Control Products USA Detail
FMC Technologies - Subsea Sys Subsea Systems Brazil Detail
FMC Technologies Sa Marine Loading Arms France Detail
FMEM Reactor China Detail
FMW Industrieanlagenbau GmbH Conveying Systems Austria Detail
Fonoon Pouyesh Co. Oilfield Equipments Iran Detail
Forain SRL Oil & Gas equipment Italy Detail
Fores-Benelli JV Wellhead Control Panel Italy Detail
Forever Valve Singapore Detail
Forsyths Vessel and Skid Fabrication & Design. United Kingdom Detail
Fortress Interlocks Interlocks United Kingdom Detail
Fortum energy solutions thaila Power plant Thailand Detail
Foster & Associates LMI Ltd Chemical Dosing Pumps, Mixers, Aerators USA Detail
Foster Wheeler Engineering Thailand Detail
Foster Wheeler Project China Detail
Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd. Design and Construction Management United Kingdom Detail
Foster Wheeler Limited Power Generation Canada Detail
Foster Wheeler Thailand Construction Services Thailand Detail
Foster Wheeler USA EPC USA Detail
Foxboro Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. M&I USA Detail
FPD Shanghai Pumps China Detail
Frames Process & technology company The Netherlands Detail
Frames Process Systems BV Gas & Oil treatment and separation The Netherlands Detail
France Transfo SAS Transformers France Detail
Frank Mohn Services AS spareparts and services for pumps Norway Detail
Franor as Sales of valves Norway Detail
Friatec AG Bereich Armaturen Valves Germany Detail
Friatec Shanghai Chemical valves & pumps China Detail
Friedrich Kocks GmbH Deck Machinery Germany Detail
FS Elliott Company LLC Air Compressors USA Detail
FSMM Reactor China Detail
FTTC AFC Korea Detail
Fugro Oceanor AS Metocean systems Norway Detail
Fuji Electric Systems Co. Ltd. Electrical Machinery Japan Detail
Fuji Filter Mfr Filter & coalescer Japan Detail
Fukui Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. Safety Relief Valves Japan Detail
Furnace Engineering Inc. Combustion parts Japan Detail
FWIC Oil Thailand Detail
G&G International NV Columns - reactors - pressure vessels Belgium Detail
G. de Boer BV Valves and Fittings The Netherlands Detail
G.B. Design Services Design Ireland Detail
G.E.P.Valves S.A.S. Valves Italy Detail
GAI-Tronics Paga & Communications United Kingdom Detail
Gala Ind., Inc. Centrifugal Dryer Spare Parts USA Detail
Gall Thopmson Environmental Lt Anti-pollution Marine Breakaway Coupling United Kingdom Detail
Galperti Engineering Valves, fittings & pipes Italy Detail
Galvanic Applied Sciences USA Analyzers, Instruments USA Detail
Gama Boiler Technology Inc. EPC Contractor Turkey Detail
Gamma Panels Electrical Switchboards South Africa Detail
Gardner Denver Nash LLC Liquid Ring Pumps & Compressors USA Detail
Garo S.p.a. Compressors Italy Detail
Gasco Pty Ltd Thermal Equipment Manufacturer Australia Detail
Gasin -Gases Industriais, S.A. Industrial gases, equipment Portugal Detail
Gaslandservices vof Plantdesign The Netherlands Detail
Gawi Company ICT Related Solutions and Equipments Brunei Detail
GBA Eng. and Const. Flare Systems Italy Detail
GBA Flare Systems Flare Systems United Kingdom Detail
GD Engineering Quick Opening Closures United Kingdom Detail
GDCC EPC contractor China Detail
GDSF Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel China Detail
GE Power & Water Chemicals Belgium Detail
GE Betz Shanghai Co.Ltd Dosing equipment system China Detail
GE Energy Gas turbines & Compressors Italy Detail
GE Energy Oil and Gas Equipment for oil and gas Italy Detail
GE Energy Zrt. Vibration Monitoring Hungary Detail
GE Infrastructure WPT Water treatment USA Detail
GE Infrastructure Sensing Process instrumentation The Netherlands Detail
GE Infrastructure Sensing Instrumentation Spain Detail
GE Oil & Gas Compressors USA Detail
GE Oil & Gas Gas turbines & compressors EU Detail
GE Oil & Gas Turbines, compressors and pumps Italy Detail
GE Oil & Gas A-C Compressor Rotary Vane Compressor USA Detail
GE Panametrics Hygrometers, Moisture, Oxygen, flow analysers Ireland Detail
GE Panametrics Process control instrumentation The Netherlands Detail
GE Panametrics Pty Ltd Ultrasonic Flowmeter USA Detail
GE Power Systems/A-C Compresso Compressor Products USA Detail
GE Rotoflow Turboexpander USA Detail
GE Sensing EMEA Ultrasonic Flowmeters USA Detail
GE Supply JB China Detail
GEA Ecoflex (Asia) Sdn Bhd Heat Exchangers Germany Detail
GEA Jet Pumps Vacuum Systems Germany Detail
GEA Luftkühler GmbH Air cooled heat exchangers Germany Detail
GEA Luftkühler GmbH Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Singapore Detail
GEA Rainey Corporation Air Cooled Heat Exchangers USA Detail
GEA Spiro-Gills Ltd Air cooled heat exchangers United Kingdom Detail
GEA-BTT Aircoolers-Air condensers-related sces France Detail
GEI Safety Valve Korea Detail
Geldof Metaalconstructie NV Pressure Vessels - Storage Tanks Belgium Detail
Gemco International bv E&C of Maintenance equipment The Netherlands Detail
Gemstar, Inc ASME Div 1 & 2 Pressure Vessels USA Detail
Gencor Beverley Incinerators United Kingdom Detail
General Carbon Corp. Activated carbon & equipment USA Detail
General Control spa Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps USA Detail
General Signal (China) Co.,Ltd Mixers USA Detail
Generalcontrol Spa Pumps & Instrumentation Italy Detail
Generation oil and gas equipment Russia Detail
GeoSIG Ltd Earthquake Instruments Switzerland Detail
GEPS Oil & Gas Rotoflow Expander-compressors USA Detail
Geurts International BV Heat exchangers The Netherlands Detail
Geveke Motoren BV Gas and diesel engine applications The Netherlands Detail
Geveke Pomptechniek Sales of Pumps (parts and units) The Netherlands Detail
Geveke Werktuigbouw B.V. Compressor Packages The Netherlands Detail
GGEG (Guangzhong) Pressure Vessles China Detail
Gielink - CP Pumpen Pumps The Netherlands Detail
Ginge-Kerr Danmark A/S Fixed Fire Fighting Systems Denmark Detail
Girdlestone Pumps Pumps United Kingdom Detail
Giw Industries, Inc. Slurry Pumps USA Detail
Glamox International Lighting fixtures Norway Detail
Glapwell Contracting Services Pressure Vessels & Pig Traps United Kingdom Detail
Global Process Systems Process Packages and Turnkey UAE Detail
Globalliance Enterprises Mineral, iron ore, limestone Philippines Detail
Glynwed B.V. Pumps and Valves The Netherlands Detail
Glynwed B.V. Pumps & valves Germany Detail
Glywed Pumps Spain Detail
GM Pressure vessels Italy Detail
GMM Pfaudler Ltd Glass line Reactors and Process Equipment India Detail
GNFC Ltd Fertilizers & chemicals India Detail
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd Process Equipments India Detail
Godrej & Boyce Mfg.Co.Ltd- PED Reactors, Columns, S/T Heat Exchangers India Detail
Gongshin Mfg Co. Ltd Pressure Vessel, Tank, Heat Exchanger Korea Detail
Goodtech Vanpipe Filtration United Kingdom Detail
Goodwin International Non Return Valves, Wafer Check Valves United Kingdom Detail
Goulds Pumps Centrifugal Pumps USA Detail
Grande Meccanica S.P.A. Pressure vessels Italy Detail
Granziero S.r.l. Pressure Vessels Italy Detail
Grayloc Products Ltd Grayloc connectors United Kingdom Detail
Grenco Refrigeration Ltd Refrigeration equipment United Kingdom Detail
Groth Corporation Valves USA Detail
Grundfos Pompa San. Ltd. Sti. Hvac Pumps Denmark Detail
Grupo Industrial Aguila Prestadores de Servicios Mexico Detail
Grupo Sicelub Lubritech Triboefficiency & Lubrication Engineerin Mexico Detail
GS Hitech Controls Inc. Process Instrumentation Canada Detail
GSW Petro Chemical United Kingdom Detail
GTI/FIB Leeuwarden MEG Column Reboiler E-501 The Netherlands Detail
GTT Engineering France Detail
Guangdong Shenling AC Air Conditioner China Detail
Guangzhou Technocranes co., LT Single/double girder/bridge cranes China Detail
Guangzhuo Guangzhong Enterprise Reactor, Tower, Vessel China Detail
Guardfire Limited Fire Fighting Equipment Thailand Detail
Gulf Links LLC On Line Process Instrumentation Oman Detail
Gulf Total Tractebel Power UAE Detail
Gunclean Toftejoirg AB Tank Cleaning Machines Denmark Detail
Gunclean Toftejoirg AB Tank Cleaning Machines Sweden Detail
Gutor Electronic Ltd Electronics, UPS, Battery Chargers & Inverters Switzerland Detail
H.I.M. Tech Control v/v Korea Detail
H.S. Pipequipment Ltd Pipeline & Process Valves & Control Equi United Kingdom Detail
Haakon Ellingsen AS Actuators and Controls Norway Detail
Hacousto Holland PASAS The Netherlands Detail
Hacousto Videotecniek BV Closed Circuit Television The Netherlands Detail
Hadari Engineering Services Oil and Gas Industry Malaysia Detail
Haedong Development Analyzer Korea Detail
Haein Corp. Emergency Disel Generator Korea Detail
HAFI Engineering & Consulting Compressed air, Process gas technics Austria Detail
Hafslund Sikkerhet Bedrift A/S Access Control, CCTV, Security systems Norway Detail
Hagemeyer China MRO China Detail
Haimo Technologies Co.,Ltd. MP Flow Meters & Orifice Plates China Detail
Håland Instrumentering AS Instrumentation Norway Detail
Hamid Sourcing agent , medical equipments , Sudan Detail
Hamilton Brimer Ltd Lube-Oil Systems Spares United Kingdom Detail
Hamon D'Hondt s.a. Air cooled heat exchangers France Detail
Hamon thermal Europe Cooling systems France Detail
Hamte Supplies & Industrial Se Air compressors & industrial supplies EU Detail
Hamworthy Combustion Eng TOS Italy Detail
Hamworthy Combustion Eng. Ltd Combustion Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Hamworthy KSE (S) Pte Ltd Marine Pumps United Kingdom Detail
Hamworthy KSE Pte. Ltd Engine Room Pumps Singapore Detail
Hangzhou Northstar Power Engg Component Feeding Devices China Detail
Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co.,LTD Steam Turbine China Detail
HangZhou Vacuum Equipment Co. Steam ejector China Detail
Hanla Level Co. Ltd Total Level Instruments Korea Detail
Hanover Maloney Spare parts Canada Detail
Hanover-Maloney UK Ltd Gas & Air dryers United Kingdom Detail
Hans Leffer GmbH & Co. KG Pressure Vessels Germany Detail
Hans&Judith Spares for Pumps The Netherlands Detail
Hansu Chemical Co., Ltd. Chemical Injection Package Korea Detail
Hantech Chemical Pressure vessel manufacture Korea Detail
Harbour & Marine Engineering Vessel Berthing Equipment Australia Detail
Harris Microwave System USA Detail
Harris(Shenzhen) Line of Sight System China Detail
Harrison Lubrication Eng Ltd Lubrication Engineers United Kingdom Detail
Hascon Filters Italy Detail
Haskel Energy Systems Ltd. Gas Boosters; Air Amplifers; systems United Kingdom Detail
Hathal A. Otaibi Establishment Chemical Filter Unit & Accessoiries USA Detail
Haven Automation (M) Sdn Bhd Fire and Gas Detector, Oil & Gas systems, ICS Triplex, Zellweger, Ametek, Jofra Malaysia Detail
Haver & Boecker Bagging Machines Germany Detail
Hawa Valves (India) Pvt. Ltd. Ball Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves India Detail
Hawke International Fieldbus Fieldbus United Kingdom Detail
Hawker Siddeley Transformers Distribution Transformers South Africa Detail
Hayward Gordon Mixers/Agitators Canada Detail
Hazira Cryogenic Pvt Ltd Project Engineering India Detail
Hazira LNG Pvt. Ltd. LNG India Detail
HBH Project Services AS Marine Norway Detail
HBL Nife Power Systems Ltd. Industrial Battery Manufacturer India Detail
HEA Australia Pty Ltd Pressure vessels Australia Detail
Heat Exchanger Service Heat Exchangers The Netherlands Detail
Heat Exchangers Indonesia ACHE, PV, S&T Heat Exchanger, Skid, Piping, Pressure Vessel Indonesia Detail
Heat Trace Ltd Heat Tracing Product and System United Kingdom Detail
Heatex Ltd Electric heaters United Kingdom Detail
Heatric Heat Exchangers United Kingdom Detail
HEC Dist Board Korea Detail
Helifuel as Helicopter refuelling systems Norway Detail
Hepec (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Explosive Proof Electrical Components Korea Detail
Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH Canned motor pumps Germany Detail
Hernis Scan Systems AS CCTV/VIS/ISPS CCTV Norway Detail
HES Heat Exchanger Systems Welded (Spiral) heat exchangers Germany Detail
Hexagon Distributors Sdn Bhd Process Control Equipments, TLV Process Steam Trap Malaysia Detail
HHI Instrument air compressor Korea Detail
HHI Heavy wall columns, reactors, pressure vessels & internals Korea Detail
HHI Power and Lighting Distribution Board Korea Detail
HHII electrical and electronical parts The Netherlands Detail
Hhstc Pressure vessels China Detail
Hick Hargreaves & Co Ltd Pressure Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Hi-Con Technocast Pvt. Ltd. Investment Castings India Detail
High Country Fabrication Pressure Vessels USA Detail
Hi-Life Manufacturing Co. Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump India Detail
HIM Valves Korea Detail
HIMA Safety Automation systems Germany Detail
Hima-Sella Ltd Safety (ESD,F&G,HIPPS) & Control Systems United Kingdom Detail
Hindle Cockburns Limited Ball Valves United Kingdom Detail
Hino systech corporation Control Panel Japan Detail
Hisaka Works, Ltd Plate Type Heat Exchanger Japan Detail
Hisakaworks Sea Sdn Bhd Plate heat exchanger Malaysia Detail
Hitachi Gas Turbines & Gas Turbine Generators, Power Systems Engineering Sec. Japan Detail
Hitachi Gas Turbines & Generators, Power Systems Saudi Arabia Detail
Hitachi Industries Co. Ltd Compressor Japan Detail
Hitachi Plant Engineering & Co Electrostatic Precipitator Japan Detail
Hitachi Plant Technologies, Lt Compressor Japan Detail
Hitachi Zosen Corporation Shell & Tube Heat Exhangers Japan Detail
Hitachi Zosen Mechanical Corpor Pressure Vessel Japan Detail
Hitec Products AS Chemical Injection Packages, Hydraulic & Chemical systems Norway Detail
Hitma Safety Valves Italy Detail
Hitma Safety Valves Germany Detail
Hitma Filtratie BV Filtration The Netherlands Detail
Hitma Process BV Safety Valves The Netherlands Detail
Hobre Instruments bv System Integrator, Process Analysers The Netherlands Detail
Hockway Cathodic Protection systems United Kingdom Detail
Hofincons & Co LLC Pipe Lines for Oil Industry Oman Detail
Hofincons&co llc Material cataloguing services Oman Detail
Hofinsoft Materilas management services India Detail
Holec Holland N.V. Medium & Low Voltage Switchgear The Netherlands Detail
Holland Process Services B.V. Seal flushing units, Hydraulic accumulators, API Seal flushing & lube oil units The Netherlands Detail
Holta & Haaland Instrumentering Instrumentation, Fire & Gas equipment Norway Detail
Home Serve Machine Co. LTD. Breather Valve USA Detail
Honeywell Home and Building Solutions USA Detail
Honeywell Automation Systems Italy Detail
Honeywell Control system Japan Detail
Honeywell Field instrumentation Oman Detail
Honeywell Control and Safety Systems Australia Detail
Honeywell Control and Safety Systems South Africa Detail
Honeywell Co Ltd Control Valve Korea Detail
Honeywell Control Systems Ltd Control and Safety Systems USA Detail
Honeywell Process Solutions Process Control Systems United Kingdom Detail
Honeywell Pte Ltd DCS & Ultra Sensitive Smoke Detection System Singapore Detail
Honeywell Pte Ltd Tank gauging equipment The Netherlands Detail
Honeywell Pte Ltd Industrial Solutions & DCS systems USA Detail
Honeywell S.A. de C.V. Automation Control Solutions Mexico Detail
Honeywell SMS Safety PLC and FSC systems The Netherlands Detail
Honeywell SMS Safety Systems Singapore Detail
Hong Kong Valve & Fitting Ltd Valve & Fitting USA Detail
Hong Kong Valve & Fitting Ltd Valve & Fitting Hong Kong Detail
Hopkinsons KonsA Control Valves Korea Detail
Horse Power S.r.l. Oxygen and HC analyzers and samplings EU Detail
Houston Electric Co Pte Ltd Electrical Pdts, Conax, Cutler Hammer, Siba, Solar etc Singapore Detail
How Fire Limited Fire Protection United Kingdom Detail
Howden Buffalo Industrial Fans United Kingdom Detail
Howden Process Compressors Compressors United Kingdom Detail
HP Valves Oldenzaal BV Medium & High pressure valves The Netherlands Detail
HQCEC Reactors, Vessels, Drums, Towers, Heat Exchangers, Engineering, Procurement China Detail
HS Pipequipment Ltd Valves United Kingdom Detail
Hubert Stavoren BV Water The Netherlands Detail
Hudson Products Corporation Air Cooled Heat Exchangers USA Detail
Hughes Safety Showers Ltd Emergency safety showers United Kingdom Detail
Hunt Thermal Engineering Ltd Heat Exchangers United Kingdom Detail
Hydac Technology GmbH Hydraulics Germany Detail
Hydralift Blm Offshore trolleys France Detail
Hydra-Pro, Inc. Pedestal Mounted Cranes USA Detail
Hydrasun Ltd. Hose And Fittings United Kingdom Detail
Hydro Texaco AS Heat transfer oil Norway Detail
Hydroservice SPA Catalyst Metering Units, Hydraulic Oil Units Italy Detail
Hyosung Corporation Transformer Korea Detail
HyPower Systems Hydraulics Canada Detail
Hytop B.V. Hydraulic installations The Netherlands Detail
Hyundai Elevator Ship Elevator Korea Detail
Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd. Engineering Service Korea Detail
Hyundai Heavy Ind. AGR Amine Absorber Korea Detail
Hyundai Heavy Industries GIS, SWGR, MV CB, Protective Relay etc. Korea Detail
Hyundai Heavy Industries Process plant equipment, pressure Vessels & Pumps Korea Detail
Hyundai Heavy Industries Ship building, Plant, Off shore product Korea Detail
I&E Systems Pty Ltd Engineering Consultancy Australia Detail
I.M.B. SpA Exchanger Italy Detail
I.M.Scardellato spa Vessels/tower/exchanger/reactors Italy Detail
IAC Boet Stopson Noise Controls-Silencers-Enclosures France Detail
IADevCo Power Plants, Electric Dist. Sys. USA Detail
Ibérica de Válvulas, S.A. Valves Spain Detail
IBEX Food Systems Wax Moulder United Kingdom Detail
Ibn Hamed Trading & Contractin Control and Manual Valves Finland Detail
ICA Fluor E&C Contractor Mexico Detail
ICS Triplex Control & Safety systems United Kingdom Detail
IDPE Ltd Engineering Consultants India Detail
Idroconsulting S.r.l. Water Treatment Plants Italy Detail
IEAM Analyse de gaz et Electricité Industriel France Detail
IEG RAS Geophysical equipment Russia Detail
IGE Energy Services (UK) Ltd Machinery Monitoring Equipment United Kingdom Detail
IHI Reciprocating compressor Japan Detail
IHS Technical Data Services USA Detail
Iicorr Asia Sdn Bhd Corrosion & Sand Monitoring Services United Kingdom Detail
Iicorr Ltd Corrosion Monitoring Norway Detail
IKM Products AS Electrical/Instrumentation & Automation products Norway Detail
IKM Valves AS valves and actuators Norway Detail
Il Shin Co. Ltd FRP tank production Korea Detail
Ilsung Engineering Co., Ltd. Heat exchangers, columns, reactors, towers & vessels Korea Detail
IMA Ltd Moisture Analysers United Kingdom Detail
Immertechnik Ltd Compressors Russia Detail
IMPAC infrarood Benelux Infrared pyrometer USA Detail
IMS Holding Metering Systems, Block Valve Shelters Russia Detail
IMT water system China Detail
Imtech Marine & Offshore Electrical, HVAC systems & products The Netherlands Detail
Imtech Projects B.V. Analyser Systems The Netherlands Detail
Imtech Systems Analyser & Metering Systems, De Superheaters The Netherlands Detail
Imtech Vonk Distribution Boards, E&I systems The Netherlands Detail
Ind. Mecc. Scardellato Petrochemical Plants Italy Detail
Indcon Projects & Equipment Lt Air Dryer India Detail
Indo German Ind. Locomotive, Power Sector India Detail
Industrial Penstocks Limited Penstocks Gates Stop Logs Flow Control United Kingdom Detail
Industrial Water Cooling Cooling Tower Products South Africa Detail
Industrie CBI Industrial Fans Italy Detail
Industrie Meccaniche di Bagnol Shell & tube heat exchangers Italy Detail
Inelsev Instrumentation,Measuring and control, electrical Czech Republic Detail
Infoteknikk AS Audio Visual equipment Norway Detail
Ingersoll-Rand Booster air compressor India Detail
Inkomech Enegineering Sdn Bhd Industrial Supply Valves Malaysia Detail
Inkomech Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Valves & Pumping Traps USA Detail
Inland Oil And Gas Instruments Parker Instrumentation Malaysia Detail
Innovative Associates Handicrafts, Garments Bangladesh Detail
Innovative Pvt Ltd Automation & Control, instrumentation Pakistan Detail
Instalarm Instruments Pvt. Ltd Alarm Annunciator India Detail
Instromet BV Gas Metering The Netherlands Detail
Instromet International NV Gas M&R Systems Belgium Detail
Instron Corporation Material Testing System USA Detail
Instrumentos WIKA, S.A. Pressure and temperature gauges Spain Detail
Instruments et Controls Sand Detector USA Detail
Instruparts Engineering (Selangor) Sdn Bhd Enraf Tank Gauging System Malaysia Detail
Integrated Flow Solutions Modular Packaged Systems USA Detail
Integrated Technique Pte Ltd Lab Engineering Services Singapore Detail
Intek Flow instruments USA Detail
Interbrand Sdn Bhd Transformer Turkey Detail
Intercat Inc Catalyst Additives USA Detail
InterDam Merford BV Fire- and blastresistant walls and doors The Netherlands Detail
Interface Technologies Limited Security systems Nigeria Detail
Intergraph Plant Design and Engineering USA Detail
Intergraph Corporation Inc. Instrumentation & Plant Life Cycle Software USA Detail
Interline Systems B.V. Analyser Systems The Netherlands Detail
International Motion Control Hydraulic/Pneumatics Equipment & Actuators United Kingdom Detail
International Safety Products Life saving and Fire Fighting Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Interstate M & E Sdn Bhd Electrical products (petrochem, oil&gas) Malaysia Detail
Intra Automation HTP BV Level gauges & Flow equipment The Netherlands Detail
Intrumentos WIKA Pressure and temperature gauges Spain Detail
Invensys Brook Crompton LV Electric Motors United Kingdom Detail
Invensys India Foxboro/Triconex/Eurotherm/SimSci India Detail
Invensys Middle East DCS, ESD, SCADA & I/A Systems USA Detail
Invensys Process Systems UK Lt Control Systems United Kingdom Detail
Invensys Software (S) Pte Ltd FGS &ESD PLC, TMR systems USA Detail
Invensys Software Systems IPS/FGS & Foxboro Singapore Detail
Invensys Software Systems Pte PLC for IPS/FGS USA Detail
Invensys Systems Process Instrumentation USA Detail
Invensys Systems (UK) Limited Process Control Instrumentation, Automation Systems United Kingdom Detail
Invensys Systems Italia Integrated Control Systems Italy Detail
Invensys Systems N.V. Process Control The Netherlands Detail
Invensys Systems Norge AS Safety Control Systems Norway Detail
Invsat Ltd Communications Equipment United Kingdom Detail
IPM Instruments Machines Syste Instruments for process control Italy Detail
Ipu Air & hydraulic systems United Kingdom Detail
IR Hibon Air Blowers & Air Compressors France Detail
IRC Networks Network Design Consultation USA Detail
Iritec Pompa Pumps Italy Detail
Isa Mannai Tech Services Analyzer sytems Saudi Arabia Detail
Isatco Supply of telecommunication system Korea Detail
Isco Development Services Sdn Engineering Brunei Detail
ISE Magtech Liquid & Magnetic Level Gauges USA Detail
ISG S.p.A. Purification Package, PSA & Dryer Units Italy Detail
ISGEC Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers & Process Plant Equipment India Detail
Islip Flow Controls Inc. Strainers Canada Detail
ISPI S.A. de C.V Instrumentation Mexico Detail
Italkrane Bridge cranes & hoists Italy Detail
Italkrane (UK) Ltd Ex Cranes and Hoists Italy Detail
Itas Flares Italy Detail
ITAS SpA Gaseous Effluent Treatment & Combustion Plants Italy Detail
ITSI Turnkey Project & System Integration South Africa Detail
ITT - C'Treat Reverse Osmosis WM USA Detail
ITT Flygt BV Spare parts The Netherlands Detail
ITT Industries AC Fire Pump Systems USA Detail
Itt spa Heater supplier Italy Detail
ITT/Goulds Pump Pumps USA Detail
ITT/Sanitaire Aeration System USA Detail
IV Oil & Gas Engineering The Netherlands Detail
IWC Cooling towers South Africa Detail
J Barnsley Cranes Limited Overhead Cranes United Kingdom Detail
J Ray Mcdermott Offshore Complexes/platforms UAE Detail
J&E Hall Ltd Industrial Refrigeration United Kingdom Detail
J. de Jonge flowsystems B.V. Construction, Piping & Loading Arms The Netherlands Detail
J.C.Goodrich Inc. Aluminum Geodesic Doom USA Detail
J.S.Cock AS Valves, Actuators, Instruments Norway Detail
Jacobs Belgie N.V. Engineering Belgium Detail
Jacobs Deutschland GmbH Chemical Plants, Engineering Services Germany Detail
Jal International Co. Ltd. Instrumentation & Analytical Saudi Arabia Detail
Jansens & Dieperink bv Aluminium Silos & Blenders The Netherlands Detail
JCC Equipment China Detail
Jeamar Winches Winch Manufacturer Canada Detail
JECS Piping material China Detail
Jen-ko Rentals Oilfield Equipment Canada Detail
Jet Allied Sdn Bhd Valves/Gaskets/Watermakers/Control Panels Malaysia Detail
Jets Vacuum AS Vacuum Toilet Systems Norway Detail
JFC Corporation Filter & Strainer Korea Detail
JGC Equipment China Detail
JGC Corporation Oil & Gas Plant Engineering Japan Detail
JGC/SEI Petro-chemical China Detail
JGC-Descon Engg Ltd Engg Services & Mech Manufacturing Pakistan Detail
Jiandsu Sunpower Pressure Vessels China Detail
Jiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower Cooling Tower China Detail
Jinxi Chemical Equipment Ltd Tank China Detail
Jiskoot Autocontrol Ltd Hydrocarbon Sampling Products & Systems United Kingdom Detail
Jiskoot Quality Systems Oil and Gas Sampling USA Detail
JLM Supply Ltd Strainers/Valves Canada Detail
JNC Hitechnologies Junctio box, Analyzer Korea Detail
JNE Procurement Limited Consumables United Kingdom Detail
Jo Bird & Co Ltd Storage Cabinets United Kingdom Detail
Joe Knapman Oil & Gas Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Joh. Heinr. Bornemann GmbH Screw Pumps Germany Detail
John Brooks Company Ltd. Spray nozzles, pumps and filters Canada Detail
John Crane Italy mechanical seals, sealant systems Italy Detail
John Crane UK Ltd Mechnical Seals United Kingdom Detail
John Zink Company Flare & burner equipment & systems Luxembourg Detail
John Zink Company LLC Combustion Equipment, Thermal Oxidizer and Flare Products USA Detail
Johnson Controls Ltd Process Cooling United Kingdom Detail
Johnson Pump Centrifugal pumps The Netherlands Detail
Johnson Screens Reactors Internals France Detail
Jonathan Gaunt Fire Protection Systems United Kingdom Detail
Jongia N.V. Top, Side & Bottom Entry Agitators The Netherlands Detail
JonTech Analysers and sample systems The Netherlands Detail
Jord International Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Australia Detail
Jord International pte Ltd Industrial Engineering Singapore Detail
Jordankorea VRU Korea Detail
Jorin Visual Process Analyser United Kingdom Detail
Joshua Marketing Corporation Compressors Philippines Detail
Jowa Ab F.W. sterilisers/filter/ODME/separator Sweden Detail
JPEC Spring Hanger and Support China Detail
JPM Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Fixed Roof Tanks Germany Detail
JSC "NSRY" Site Built Tanks Russia Detail
JSC "NPO Ecros" Laboratory Equipment Russia Detail
JT Day Pty Ltd Lighting, Cable Glands, Junction Boxes Australia Detail
JudHans Spares Pumps The Netherlands Detail
Julius Montz GmbH Structured Packings and Internals Germany Detail
Jutal machinery equipment Co., Low Pressure Burner China Detail
Kadim SPA Steel frames Algeria Detail
Kaeser Kompressoren Gmbh Air compressors, air treatment equipment Austria Detail
Kaeser Kompressoren Gmbh Air compressors, air treatment equipment Germany Detail
Kalteren BV Pumps EU Detail
KAM Controls, Inc Measurement Instruments USA Detail
KandHua-Sunway E&M Ltd. Fire Alarm & Firefighting Sys. China Detail
Kanfa AS Nitrogen Generator Package, Process systems for off- /on-shore Norway Detail
KangRim Industries Co., Ltd Boilers for Marine Korea Detail
Kanit Engineering Corp.,Ltd. Fisher Control Valves USA Detail
Kanon L.E. BV Loading arms The Netherlands Detail
Kansas City Deaerator Company Deaerators USA Detail
Kantilal Chunilal & Sons Heating Elements India Detail
Kanto Sangyo Company Limited Mobile Cranes Japan Detail
Kantoh Mitsubishi Drum-1 Japan Detail
Kaori Heat Exchanger, Air Dryer Taiwan Detail
Kapp France - Clegc Heat Exchangers France Detail
Kapp Netherlands BV Heat Exchangers The Netherlands Detail
Karthipg O&G India Detail
Kas System National Accreditation Body Korea Detail
KBR Oil and Gas Production USA Detail
KCC Process Oil & Gas Equipments UAE Detail
KCC Process Equipment Process Equipment United Kingdom Detail
KCSA Pvt.Ltd Industrial Heaters India Detail
KE-Burgmann EJS Expansion Joints United States Detail
Kecol Pumps Ireland Ltd Pumps United Kingdom Detail
Kecol Pumps Ireland Ltd Pump Engineers Ireland Detail
Keegan Specialty Enterprise Hose, Hose reels, Nozzles USA Detail
KEI Industries Ltd. Power, control and telecom cables India Detail
Keith Henderson CRI, Mud Mix, Solids Control United Kingdom Detail
Kemper en van Twist Diesel BV Diesel engines & generating sets The Netherlands Detail
Kenmac Limited Valves, Manifolds & Regulators United Kingdom Detail
Kentron Systems Inc Flare Gas Meters; Water Cut Meters Norway Detail
Kentz Engineering & Construction Ireland Detail
Kenz Cranes B.V. Offshore Lifting Appliances The Netherlands Detail
Kenz Figee B.V. Offshore Crane Parts The Netherlands Detail
Ketech scientific instrument c pH analyzer Taiwan Detail
Keystone Valve (Korea) ltd Butterfly Valves Korea Detail
KH Engineering Engineering The Netherlands Detail
KHE Air cooler heat exchanger Korea Detail
Khuff General Trading & Contra Trading Kuwait Detail
KIC Limited Fired Heaters Korea Detail
Kidde Australia Pty Ltd Fire Suppression Equipment Australia Detail
Kidde Italia s.p.a. Fire Fighting Equipment Italy Detail
Kidde Products Fire Fighting Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Kilavuz Fire protection and Security LTD. Turkey Detail
Kimman Process Solutions bv Gas & Liquid sampling systems & filters (Jiskoot) The Netherlands Detail
Kimman Process Solutions bv Sampling and jetmixing The Netherlands Detail
Kinder-Janes Engineers Limited Pumps & Compressors United Kingdom Detail
Kinetic Analyser Germany Detail
Kinetic Products Pte Ltd Valves & Fittings, Lab fixtures USA Detail
Kinetics Technology Corp Gas analyzer Taiwan Detail
Kirchner Italia Fired Heaters Italy Detail
Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd Compressors India Detail
Kitz Corporation Valves Japan Detail
Kitz Corporation Europe, SA Ball Valves Spain Detail
Kiuchi Instrumentation Pte Ltd Valves and Instrumentation Japan Detail
KK Water Treatment Ltd Ultra Violet Disinfection Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Klaus Union GmbH Pumps & Valves Germany Detail
Klinger S.p.A. Level Gauges Italy Detail
Klip b.v. Pressure Vessels and Piping The Netherlands Detail
Knape Associates Ventilation USA Detail
KnitMesh Ltd Liquid/gas & liquid/liquid separation United Kingdom Detail
KNM Process Systems Sdn Bhd Process System Equipments Malaysia Detail
KNM Special Process Equipment Lop Process Unite China Detail
Knowsley SK Ltd Firefighting Systems & Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Kobe Steel, Ltd. Compressor Japan Detail
Kobe Steel, Ltd. Turbo Machinery Engineering Division Japan Detail
Koch Asia-Pacific, Inc. Flare Stack, tray Japan Detail
Koch Membranes Systems GmbH Submerged Membrane Modules Germany Detail
Koch-Glitsch Italia Srl Trays and Internals Italy Detail
Koch-Glitsch Korea limited Tower Internals Korea Detail
Koch-Glitsch UK Trays, packings, Internals United Kingdom Detail
Koene Consultancy Holland BV Internals The Netherlands Detail
Koerting Hannover AG Vacuum Systems Germany Detail
Kohler Co. Gensets USA Detail
Konecranes Mexico, S.A. de C.V Electric Overhead Cranes Finland Detail
Konecranes Pte Ltd Overhead travelling crane Singapore Detail
Kongsberg Seatex AS Navigation Norway Detail
Kooiman Apparatenbouw BV S&T Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels The Netherlands Detail
Koso Kent Introl Mfg Control Valves United Kingdom Detail
Kosung valve co., ltd. Valves, gates Korea Detail
KPA Unicon Oy Boiler plants Finland Detail
KPC Corporation Ball Valve, Angle Valve, Korea Detail
Krebs Engineers Mining Cyclones USA Detail
Krohne Radar Level Instruments France Detail
Krohne Australia Pty Ltd Level and Flow Instrumentation Australia Detail
Krohne Iberia Electromagnetic Flowmeters Switzerland Detail
Krohne Limited Flowmeters United Kingdom Detail
Krohne Nederland B.V. Instrumentation The Netherlands Detail
Krohne Oil & Gas Bv Oil and gas metering Systems The Netherlands Detail
KSB Pumps & Valves Korea Detail
KSB AG Centrifugal Pumps & Valves Germany Detail
KSB AMRI SAS Valves and Actuators France Detail
KSR Kuebler (UK) Ltd Level Instrumentation United Kingdom Detail
KTI Belgium NV Vessels, Heat-exchangers, Furnaces etc.. Belgium Detail
KTI Corporation Heater USA Detail
K-Tron Feeding equipment USA Detail
K-Tron (Schweiz) AG Feeding systems Switzerland Detail
K-Tron GB Ltd Process Systems Equipment EU Detail
Kuala Lumpur Valve&Fitting Sdn Bhd Fluid System Components Malaysia Detail
Kubota Corporation Radiant Coil Japan Detail
Kühnle, Kopp und Kausch Turbomachinery Germany Detail
Kum Kang Ball vlaves Korea Detail
Kupps & Sachs Pte Ltd Big Bag Unloading Station (A-6850) Singapore Detail
Kuwait National Petroleum Co. Petro-Refinery Products Kuwait Detail
KVA Ltd Diesel Generators United Kingdom Detail
Kvaerner Surface wellheads Singapore Detail
Kvaerner Oilfield Products Oilfield Equipment Indonesia Detail
Kvaerner Oilfield Products a.s Oil services and products Norway Detail
Kvaerner Process Systems Process Packages & Modules Malaysia Detail
Kværner Process Systems AS Process Equipment Norway Detail
Kvaerner Process Systems Ltd. Process Internals United Kingdom Detail
Kyodo Corporaion USA Marine & Industrial Spares & Equipment USA Detail
L&A Pressure Welding Pressure Vessel, Heat exchangers, Column Australia Detail
L&T Valves India Detail
Labtech Modular Laboratory Module United Kingdom Detail
Lakeside Process Controls LTD automation process Canada Detail
Lantec Far East Sdn. Bhd. Sludge Dewatering Malaysia Detail
Lanzhou Haimo MFM China Detail
Laraon Eng. & Consultants PA System India Detail
Larco Tank Equipment France Detail
Larsen & Toubro Limited Static & Rotary Equipment India Detail
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Turnkey Refinery Projects India Detail
Laxman General India Detail
LCAControls Distribution Boards United Kingdom Detail
LCM Italia Srl Ball valves Italy Detail
LCN Valves France Detail
LeadYoung Marine Equipment Gangway, Crane, Quick Release Hook China Detail
LEC, Inc. Lightning Prevention Products USA Detail
Ledeen - Dresser Italia Valve actuators Italy Detail
Lederle Hermetic GmbH Breda spare parts pumps Germany Detail
Leed Transformer Company Ltd Power Transformers United Kingdom Detail
Leffer Hans GmbH Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers Germany Detail
Legendfly Inc Desk China Detail
LEM TFR Switzerland Detail
Lenntech Water & Air Treatment The Netherlands Detail
LeTourneau Technologies, Inc. Offshore Products USA Detail
Leusch GmbH Valves Germany Detail
Lewa Herbert Ott Pumps, Compressors, Blowers Czech Republic Detail
Lewa Herbert Ott GmbH + Co Liquid metering & process diaphragm pumps Germany Detail
Lewa Pte Ltd Liquid metering & process diaphragm pumps & systems Singapore Detail
LG Engineering & Construction EPC for all kinds of Plant Korea Detail
Lianzhong Group FRP Products China Detail
Liebherr Cranes Austria Detail
Lightnin Africa Positive Displacement Pumps Germany Detail
Lightning Eliminators Lightning protection, grounding & surge USA Detail
Lind process plant co., ltd. Air separation plant China Detail
Linde Heat Exchangers Germany Detail
Linde AG Works Schalchen Coil Wound Heat Exchanger Germany Detail
Linde Engineering Adsorption Plants Germany Detail
Link Gruppo s.p.a. Industrial business Italy Detail
Linvic Engineering Ltd Flanges, pipefittings, valves United Kingdom Detail
LM maskin as Misc. lifting equipment Germany Detail
LMC AS Data Com Norway Detail
LMF AG HP Piston Compressors Austria Detail
Loadtec Engineered systems Petrochem Ssales United Kingdom Detail
Lock Engineering Group GmbH Engineering Company Germany Detail
Lockwood International, Inc. Valves USA Detail
Logistics c y s, ca General Supliers Venezuela Detail
Loher GmbH Electric motors Germany Detail
Loipart AB Galley Equipment EU Detail
LPEC Cooling Tower China Detail
Lubrication Systems Company Lubrication Systems USA Detail
LUMAX Pressure Regulator Taiwan Detail
Lurgi Oel Gas Chemie GmbH Qata Engineering Qatar Detail
Luvra GmbH Hydraulic power plants Germany Detail
Lyondell Petro Chemicals USA Detail
M C Integ Ltd Storage Tanks United Kingdom Detail
M&I LabTech Engineering & Contracting The Netherlands Detail
M&I-Labtech BV Laboratory Equipment and Consumables The Netherlands Detail
M&J Valve Valves (Gate, EG, CEG, Danflo, Piston Ch USA Detail
M&V Swaco Solid Controls Italy Detail
M.W. Kellogg Engineering United Kingdom Detail
Mabatec, S.A. de C.V. EEx-Electrical control, Heat trace Germany Detail
Macchi S.p.A. Industrial Boilers Italy Detail
Macrospec Sdn Bhd Oil and Gas Malaysia Detail
Mafi-Trench Corporation Turboexpander-compressors USA Detail
Magnetrol Level switches France Detail
Magnetrol International Level Instrumentation USA Detail
Magnetrol International NV Liquid Level Controls Belgium Detail
Magnetrol International UK Ltd Liquid Level Controls Germany Detail
Magnetrol Singapore Level Instrumentation Singapore Detail
Magnol Electrical Switchboard Manufacturers South Africa Detail
Mainpro B.V. Spare parts advisory The Netherlands Detail
Maivisa SL Pressure Vessels Spain Detail
Malbranque Valves France Detail
Malcolm Jenkin Oil Service & Support United Kingdom Detail
Malcolm Thompson Pumps Pumps Australia Detail
Mampaey Offshore Industries BV Mooring equipment The Netherlands Detail
MAN Turbo AG Turbo Machinery Germany Detail
MAN Turbomaschinen AG Schweiz Turbo Machinery Switzerland Detail
Mangiarotti S.p.A. Pressure vessels Italy Detail
Manometer (India) Pvt. Ltd. Pressure Gauges and accessories India Detail
Mantrac Heavy equipment & Gensets Egypt Detail
Mantrac Caterpillar Generators USA Detail
Maoming Petrochemical Machinery Petrochemical Machinery China Detail
Mapag Valves GmbH High Performance BF-Valves Germany Detail
Marimatech Berth Aid Systems Denmark Detail
Marioff Ltd water Mist Systems United Kingdom Detail
Maritime GMC a.s. Lifting equipment Norway Detail
Maritime Mechanic Ltd. Marine Hoses and connectors Hong Kong Detail
Marley Davenport Cooling Towers United Kingdom Detail
Marston Rupture / Bursting Discs United Kingdom Detail
Marubeni & Tekmatex Gear & Pump Japan Detail
Maschinenfabrik Möllers GmbH Bagging, Palletizing and Despatch System Germany Detail
Masdar Equipment supply Saudi Arabia Detail
Maser (M) Sdn. Bhd. Valves and Automation Malaysia Detail
Masoneilan Control Valves USA Detail
Masterpower Electronics Ltd. UPS & Power Electronics United Kingdom Detail
Matco (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Oil & Gas Related Instruments Malaysia Detail
Matec Industriale srl Flexible hoses, quick couplings Italy Detail
Matheson Valves Manual and Control Valves Canada Detail
Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd. Refrigeration Unit Japan Detail
MB Synergy Resources Sdn Bhd Valves Malaysia Detail
MC Integ Ltd Storage Tanks United Kingdom Detail
MCG Korea Mobile Crane Korea Detail
ME Engineering Ltd Engineering United Kingdom Detail
Measurementation Systems Pte L Analyzer Systems and Analyzer House Singapore Detail
Mecca Engineering Co. Instrumentation & Control Pakistan Detail
Mecha Controls Wellhead control panels The Netherlands Detail
Mechanica Delft TRV/plates/flanges/venturies/etc.. The Netherlands Detail
Mechtric Pty Ltd Signalling Products Australia Detail
MECI SAS Metering system France Detail
Mecomb Transformers France Detail
Mecomb Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Transducers, Analyzers, Flow Computers Malaysia Detail
MEDC Control safety equipment United Kingdom Detail
Meidensha Corporation Switchgear japan Detail
Membrane Technology & Research Membrane Separation Systems USA Detail
Memo Communications Pty Ltd Radio Communications Australia Detail
Mento AS Oilfield supply Norway Detail
Mepeco Corrosion, process, pipeline equipment Italy Detail
Merak International Industrial / Commercial Equipment Pakistan Detail
Merichem Chemical services USA Detail
Meridian Specialties Pipe, Valves and Fittings Canada Detail
Merpro Ltd Pressure Equipment United Kingdom Detail
Mertech Switchboards Ltd Switchgear Control Panels Distribution United Kingdom Detail
Methrail Valves India Detail
Metito (Overseas) Ltd. Water Treatment System UAE Detail
MetOcean Engineers Pty Ltd Meteorological Systems Australia Detail
Metotech Project Management, Mechanical Norway Detail
Metreel Ltd. Drag chains United Kingdom Detail
Metso Fabrication South Africa Detail
Metso Automation Control Valves China Detail
Metso Automation B.V. Valves The Netherlands Detail
Metso Automation España, S.A. Control Valves Spain Detail
Metso Automation Limited Valves, smart products United Kingdom Detail
Metso Automation RSA (Pty) Ltd Control and on/off- valves, Actuators & Smart Products Finland Detail
Metso Automation S.p.A. Control / On-Off / ESD Valves EU Detail
Mettler Toledo DSC Switzerland Detail
Mettler Toledo Weighing systems USA Detail
Mettler Toledo (Changzhou) Truck Scale China Detail
Mettler Toledo Instruments Balance, ANA, TA/AC, process & PI China Detail
Meurs Process B.V. Dosing pumps and mixers The Netherlands Detail
MF Controls bv Control panels The Netherlands Detail
MF Hidding Venturies / meterruns / The Netherlands Detail
MG Plant Construction Korea Detail
MGE NZ Ltd Switchgear New Zealand Detail
MGE UPS Systems UPS SYSTEMS Australia Detail
MHE-Demag Cranes & Components Malaysia Detail
MHE-Demag (S) Pte Ltd Overhead traveling crane Singapore Detail
M-I Swaco CRI, Mud Mix & Solids Control USA Detail
Michell Instruments Ltd Hygrometers United Kingdom Detail
Microbac Ltd Sewage treatment systems United Kingdom Detail
Middle East Oilfield Services ESD & Control Valves, Hydraulic Panel, Flowmeters Oman Detail
Midsund Bruk AS Pressure vessels Norway Detail
Midwest Power Products Diesel Engines & Generators Canada Detail
Mikuni (M) sdn bhd Gate, Globe, Check, Ball Valve Malaysia Detail
Milton Roy Asia Pacific Chemical Dosing Pump USA Detail
Milton Roy India (P) LTD. Metering pumps & Dosing systems India Detail
Milton Roy UK Reciprocating Pumps France Detail
Minox Technology AS Deaeration (deoxygenation) of water Norway Detail
Mitsubishi Heat Exchange Japan Detail
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Turbo Machinery Japan Detail
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Boiler Japan Detail
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressors & process equipment Japan Detail
Mitsui E & S Co., Ltd. Compressors, Pressure vessels Japan Detail
Mixel Mixer - Agitators France Detail
Mixing Solutions Ltd Mixing Equipment Manufacturer United Kingdom Detail
MMHE EPC Contractor Malaysia Detail
MMHE-ATB Sdn Bhd Pressure Vessels Malaysia Detail
MobiNil Telecommunication Egypt Detail
Modec Int Design, Operate & Maintain USA Detail
Modern Systems Analysis Instrumentations and control Iran Detail
Module tech sdn bhd Fabrication and installation contractor Malaysia Detail
Moeller Electric LVS The Netherlands Detail
Moeller Electric NV Switchgear / Plant automation Germany Detail
Mohd. S. Afifi Trading Est. Mechanical Saudi Arabia Detail
Mokveld valves bv Valves The Netherlands Detail
Mono Pumps Pumps United Kingdom Detail
Montair Andersen BV Special Equipement Manufacturer The Netherlands Detail
Montair CAP Engineering Air polution & special equipment The Netherlands Detail
Moore Industries interfaces and temperature USA Detail
MOR Pressure Vessel China Deta